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DO NOT do business with Mastersonics

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Default DO NOT do business with Mastersonics

Well what seemed to be a simple trade turned into a nightmare.

Mastersonics posted up looking to trade his tow mirrors for standard mirrors.

Here is the thread.

In post number 25 you can see he says deal pending, and the next post is from the forum member who also sent him mirrors.

After making tentative deal on the foum me and Charles Spoke on the phone Monday the week of the trade. I believe this was August 12th. I remember this because I was going away on vacation August 17th. Well Anyways we made the deal Monday, and given my busy work schedule I did not get them out until Friday but not an issue. Well apparently that wed he made a deal with [MENTION=131084]RajunCajun84[/MENTION] for the same swap. Difference was his mirrors had white caps vs my black and Charles wanted them more so he went back on our deal without saying anything. Had he said anything I could have not shipped mine out.

Well my plan was this. I see a guy wanting to trade tow mirrors for regular mirrors. I actually have tow mirrors on my truck but had a friend who wanted them. As I was going away for a week come the end of that week I figured I could send my stock mirrors to Charles, give my tow mirrors to my buddy that week so he could use them for a haul, and then when I got back from vacation I would have the new tow mirrors waiting. It was too good to be true apparently.

Charles traded with the other gentlemen and kept telling me he never got my mirrors. I was bothered by this and after a little research into the post office it turns out he wasn't trying to screw me (other than the initial deal gone wrong) the mirrors were at the post office. He was not home so the PO kept them and left a notice. They are still there today in fact.

Well I told charles this and he told me that I was full of BS and my story had changed etc etc.

Well no it hadn't. I was back home and had to buy new tow mirrors as my swap failed miserably. The only changes in the story were the fact that the deal I made with him trying to help him out, which conviently helped me as well went wrong and I was simply left down the $60 I paid to priority mail them with insurance to PR. With how apologetic Charles was the first day the this all came up I thought he would be kind enough to pay for these, he wasn't but o well. We argued and nothing was accomplished.

I have since then tried asking Charles to simply refund me my $60 and send the mirrors back. At first it appeared as we would do this but then he had no desire to pay me the shipping back but I told him I was done and just send them back so I can move on. He said he was done too and ok. Gota love people being mad at you, because you are mad they can't stand up to their word and created this mess. Well two weeks later still no mirrors and I have texted charles the last few days asking if my mirrors are coming back or not.

He finally responds today saying this will be our last communication and to listen up because he never got my mirrors.

This is true, you never got them. But I have made you well away they are sitting at the PO with your name on them and all you need to do is go pick them up and send them back. But he has refused to do so.

I have been rather impatient throughout the whole process but there should never have been a issue.

This is what happens when you make two trades or 1 set of mirrors: Solution... only make 1 honest trade.

What a waste of my time but I hope nobody does business with this guy. Zero sense of self responsibility or respect.

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So, Charles never kept his word on this either (see highlighted)? The message below is copied and pasted from page 4

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Good morning everyone...
Yes it is me Charles no need to be worried or concerned about me being a scammer etc... I had a family health incident that took the best of me for a couple of days, hence the lack of communication OVERALL..>!!!!

First of all let me apologize for not being able to communicate the way I normally do but there was a family health emergency with my grandma.
She's 89 and diabetic, so everything gets more complicated when there's a health issue with her. This time was really close and we almost lost her but she's still in the hospital and slowly but surely recuperating, thanks GOD
And between work, hospital and social security paperwork, my family it's been a crazy week so far but I'm getting back to normal as of today.

I understand that we are in a forum and I'm in PR and all but there's no reason to think I'm scamming or trying anything fishy here.
Yes, I didn't communicate with you guys for 2 days but I contacted each one of you guys [Yuke & RajunCajun] already and explained what was happening.

Yes, it was my bad that after dealing with Yuke to choose a different sets of mirrors which are the exact mirrors I was after in the first place.
But in all fairness to this day I haven't received Yuke's mirrors but I did received RajunCajun mirrors in 2 days. Not trying to get out of this, just saying...

I agreed with Yuke to either:
1. Find a pair of towing mirrors for him
2. Find someone interested in buying/trading Yuke's mirrors
3. Buy Yuke's mirrors

I'm trying my best to resolve this in a timely matter
Sorry once again for the confusion and the inconvenience.

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Nope. He did offer to buy them but when I asked to follow up he wouldn't.

At one point he mentioned about trying to sell them for me but no you either buy them or send them back this is not a consignment shop.

Apparently USPS finally pulled the box and supposedly they are on the way back. We shall see they have not shown but at my house or apartment yet.

This thread is no intent to fight with him. Just simply telling others to steer clear.
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the grandma story sounds about as legit as the Nigerian banker who emailed me the other day...
trolololol, that's all I have to say
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Originally Posted by ecopat View Post
the grandma story sounds about as legit as the Nigerian banker who emailed me the other day...
trolololol, that's all I have to say
Exactly what I was thinking.

I hope everything gets resolved for you, OP.
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