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Johnny_bravo00 10-02-2018 11:52 AM

Johnny_bravo00 ~ Build, Mods & Maintenance thread
Old Truck: 15 XLT Sport, 4x4, Screw
5.0, 3:11 L.S, 6.5' Box, 36 Gal tank, Tow mirrors
Mods: Painted tow mirror caps, Bumper caps & Grille, 20% tint on fronts, Morimoto fogs, SE headlights, Charge cord relocation
Forscan changes: DRL disable (Canadian), Temperature controls + heated seat icons (Not standard on XLT)
New Truck: 18 XLT Sport Special Edition 4x4, Screw
5.0, 3:55 Locker, 6.5' box, 36 gal tank, Tow Mirrors, Panoramic roof. Fully loaded XLT
For starters, Id like to have the new truck where the 15 left off. I loved how subtle it looked. Some could tell there were differences. They just couldn't tell what.

Johnny_bravo00 10-02-2018 12:08 PM

Before I sent the old truck back, I removed my Morimoto fogs and reinstalled the OEM. While they were out I used some rubbing compound to try and buff out some of the wear on them. They are a few years old and have gone through some rough Canadian winters. Gave them a good coat of wax when I was done with them.


Johnny_bravo00 10-02-2018 12:36 PM

Next on the list was the Charge cord relocation. This was a must have after doing it on my 15, not a fan of cords dangling around.
Used a magnetic charge cord this time. The male end of the connector stays inside the port of the phone. Just tap it close to the cord and it whips into place by means of the magnets. They are surprisingly strong. Very pleased with its performance while connected to Apple Carplay as well. Cord sits snugly in its new home. V
View when stored away.

Johnny_bravo00 10-02-2018 12:54 PM
Next on the list were the much needed (and that's an understatement) Forscan changes.

1) DRL disable for Canadian trucks, I love the look of the amber's only and LED fogs.
2) Auto Start Stop fully disabled, cant stand this feature
3) Bambi mod (ability to run high beams + fogs together).

Also installed a Tempered screen protector to the 8" screen. Seems like cheap insurance from scratching the screen. Fit was perfect and application was easy.

Summers22 10-02-2018 04:11 PM

Very nice! How is the seat of the pants feel with the newer 5.0 and 3.55 gears?

Johnny_bravo00 10-02-2018 05:20 PM

Originally Posted by Summers22 (Post 5935210)
Very nice! How is the seat of the pants feel with the newer 5.0 and 3.55 gears?

The 2 trucks drive completely different. There's definitely more power being put down, but I would say its mostly because of the 10 speed. It keeps the truck in a good torque range through all the gears. When your foot is on it, the 10 spd shifts flawlessly through the gears, but.. When you are driving through town and such, the 6 speed is much more consistent and smooth.

The gearing was my only oversight when building my last truck. I tow enough equipment to warrant the 3:55.

Firerunner 10-02-2018 05:28 PM

Originally Posted by Johnny_bravo00 (Post 5934961)

I LOVE this picture! Almost looks like it's daring you to mess with it lol

Summers22 10-02-2018 06:55 PM

I agree on the 3.55 gears. They are a happy medium for my "mostly" daily driver.

Johnny_bravo00 10-02-2018 07:08 PM

Originally Posted by Firerunner (Post 5935314)
I LOVE this picture! Almost looks like it's daring you to mess with it lol

Thanks Firerunner, I thought it looked pretty damn mean. Just like my wife. Lmao, Donít tell her I said that!

andrewdod 10-02-2018 11:56 PM

Hot damn! Iím in! Truck looks awesome so far!

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