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help with 99 4.2

Old 05-09-2017, 02:39 PM
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Default help with 99 4.2

ok little back story. my brothers oldest has a 99 150 4.2with 200k on it. And he knows EVERYTHING about everything in the world. so he yanks the upper and lowwer intakes off remove the oil crud thats built up over the miles. slaps it back together and its not able to pull its self up onto a towdolly it runs so bad. so I get pulled into this mess and start checking out the codes and figure out whats causing a #5 mis fire and bank1 lean code. then 1 day i get home to find mr know it all has yanked both the heads..." they have a known gasket issue" was why i was told. anyways So i get to fix this turd. so after lots og cleaning and such we have a good set of cleaned up heads on with al new rockers new fuel injectors new coil pack new balancer all o2s were changed egr valve and the contoler silon thing not the dpf thinggy. the exh was replaced with some custom crap and new cats were installed. the plugs and wires were changed after he pulled the intake to clean it. the oil and filter were changed fuel and air filters also. so after weget it to fire up and do a few small bits of snugging this or that we have it running and no leaks but the term running is a HUGE area to cover. to get it to fire up u must use a little foot feed and then it spits and farts and shakes like hell but it will stay running on its own. above 2500 it seems to clear up a ton but below it its ugly. the cel isnt on but with my scanner im getting p1000 p1127 p1780 p1132. the 1780 i think may be due to the od switch dangling off the shifter arm. after getting into closed loop its like bank 1 and 2 read 180 of each other bank1 o2 volts .7, bank2 volts .1 long term f.t.1% 0, bank2 0, stftb1%-20, stftb2%+33.7, f/t 1x1% -20, f/t2x1% +35. after the first 2 or 3 min of running all the crude had burnt off and out the exh and it doesnt smoke or stink like its running rich or lean no coolant smell ect. but something is really not right. i went back and rechecked all the wiring and all is good . i checked the intake runner controler is moveing the arms and the valves are opening and closing(he had bent the motor bracket on the back of the intake and it was binding the arms up when he had it apart the 1st time) could the motor being bound up cooked the ecu? im just stumped with this thing.
Im using a app called FordSys. with my odbdlink and with it doing a key on engine running test deal it seems to run alot smoother but still not right. its odd that w have had it running for atleast an hour and its gotten up to temp a few times yet no dash cel is on but the fordsys has codes. I keep telling him to stop throwing parts at it and to figure out what its saying is wrong. but i cant seem to find any good info on p1132 and ive never had that code pop up on anything ive worked on. its also odd that the ecu is saying the temps arent up to the right area. when i know they are via the dash, my obd scanner and a lazer temp gun on the motor. oh and useing the temp gun i have hit the exh at each port on the head and it seems that all the drivers bank(2) are in the low to mid 400 f and the pass bank(1) are in the mid 200f.
Anybody got a clue on what to start off checking ? Thanks guys
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Originally Posted by BadAssRX7 View Post
ok little back story.

Waaaait. This is just like your LAST thread.

Don't post duplicates. Closed.
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