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How to Program Garage Door Opener?????

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Default How to Program Garage Door Opener?????

Hello again all, so yesterday i bought me a 06 Screw Lariat F150. I was wondering if someone can tell me how to program the garage door opener on it???? Thanks in advance for all the help.
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The HomeLink Wireless Control
System, located on the driver’s visor,
provides a convenient way to
replace up to three hand-held
transmitters with a single built-in
device. This feature will learn the
radio frequency codes of most
transmitters to operate garage
doors, entry gate operators, security systems, entry door locks, and
home or office lighting.
2006 F-150 (f12)
Owners Guide (post-2002-fmt)
USA (fus)
Driver Controls
When programming your HomeLink Wireless Control System to
a garage door or gate, be sure that people and objects are out of
the way to prevent potential harm or damage.
Do not use the HomeLink Wireless Control System with any garage
door opener that lacks safety stop and reverse features as required by
U.S. federal safety standards (this includes any garage door opener
model manufactured before April 1, 1982). A garage door which cannot
detect an object, signaling the door to stop and reverse, does not meet
current U.S. federal safety standards. For more information, contact
HomeLink at: or 1–800–355–3515.
Retain the original transmitter for use in other vehicles as well as for
future programming procedures (i.e. new HomeLink equipped vehicle
purchase). It is also suggested that upon the sale of the vehicle, the
programmed Homelink buttons be erased for security purposes, refer to
Programming in this section.
Do not program HomeLink with the vehicle parked in the garage.
Note: Your vehicle may require the ignition switch to be turned to the
ACC position for programming and/or operation of the HomeLink. It is
also recommended that a new battery be placed in the hand-held
transmitter of the device being programmed to HomeLink for quicker
training and accurate transmission of the radio-frequency signal.
1. Press and hold the two outside
buttons releasing only when the
indicator light begins to flash after
20 seconds. Do not repeat Step 1
to program additional hand-held
transmitters to the remaining two
HomeLink buttons. This will erase
previously programmed hand-held
transmitter signals into HomeLink.
2. Position the end of your
hand-held transmitter 1–3 inches (2–8 cm) away from the HomeLink
button you wish to program (located on your visor) while keeping the
indicator light in view.
2006 F-150 (f12)
Owners Guide (post-2002-fmt)
USA (fus)
Driver Controls
3. Simultaneously press and hold
both the HomeLink and hand-held
transmitter button. Do not release
the buttons until Step 4 has
been completed.
Some entry gates and garage door
openers may require you to replace
Step 3 with procedures noted in the
“Gate Operator and Canadian Programming” in this section for Canadian
4. The indicator light will flash slowly and then rapidly. Release both
buttons when the indicator light flashes rapidly. (The rapid flashing light
indicates acceptance of the hand-held transmitters’ radio frequency
5. Press and hold the just-trained HomeLink button and observe the
indicator light. If the light is constant, programming is complete and your
device should activate when the HomeLink button is pressed and
released. Note: To program the remaining two HomeLink buttons,
begin with Step 2 in the “Programming” section — do not repeat Step 1.
Note: If the indicator light blinks rapidly for two seconds and then turns
to a continuous red, proceed with Steps 6 through 8 to complete
programming of a rolling code equipped device.
6. At the garage door opener receiver (motor-head unit) in the garage,
locate the “learn” or “smart” button (usually near where the hanging
antenna wire is attached to the unit).
7. Press and release the “learn” or “smart” button. (The name and color
of the button may vary by manufacturer.)
Note: There are 30 seconds in which to initiate Step 8.
8. Return to the vehicle and firmly press, hold for two seconds and
release the HomeLink button. Repeat the press/hold/release sequence
again, and, depending on the brand of the garage door opener (or other
rolling code equipped device), repeat this sequence a third time to
complete the programming.
HomeLink should now activate your rolling code equipped device. To
program additional HomeLink buttons begin with Step 2 in the
“Programming” section. For questions or comments, please contact
HomeLink at or 1–800–355–3515.
2006 F-150 (f12)
Owners Guide (post-2002-fmt)
USA (fus)
Driver Controls
Gate Operator & Canadian Programming
During programming, your
hand-held transmitter may
automatically stop transmitting —
not allowing enough time for
HomeLink to accept the signal
from the hand-held transmitter.
After completing Steps 1 and 2
outlined in the “Programming”
section, replace Step 3 with the following:
Note: If programming a garage door opener or gate operator, it is
advised to unplug the device during the “cycling” process to prevent
• Continue to press and hold the HomeLink button (note Step 3 in the
“Programming” section) while you press and release — every two
seconds (“cycle”) your hand-held transmitter until the frequency
signal has been accepted by the HomeLink. The indicator light will
flash slowly and then rapidly after HomeLink accepts the radio
frequency signal.
• Proceed with Step 4 in the “Programming” section.
Operating the HomeLink Wireless Control System
To operate, simply press and release
the appropriate HomeLink button.
Activation will now occur for the
trained product (garage door, gate
operator, security system, entry
door lock, or home or office lighting
etc.). For convenience, the
hand-held transmitter of the device
may also be used at any time. In the event that there are still
programming difficulties, contact HomeLink at or
2006 F-150 (f12)
Owners Guide (post-2002-fmt)
USA (fus)
Driver Controls
Erasing HomeLink buttons
To erase the three programmed
buttons (individual buttons cannot
be erased):
• Press and hold the two outer
HomeLink buttons until the
indicator light begins to
flash-after 20 seconds. Release
both buttons. Do not hold for
longer that 30 seconds.
HomeLink is now in the train (or
learning) mode and can be programmed at any time beginning with Step
2 in the “Programming” section.
Reprogramming a single HomeLink button
To program a device to HomeLink using a HomeLink button previously
trained, follow these steps:
1. Press and hold the desired HomeLink button. Do NOT release the
2. The indicator light will begin to flash after 20 seconds. Without
releasing the HomeLink button, follow Step 2 in the “Programming”
For questions or comments, contact HomeLink at
or 1–800–355–3515.
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What if you don't have a handheld? Is there anyway to still program the button to the garage door?
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if you have certain types of garage doors, you cant program it regardless. i have a marantec garage door and its frequency is way to low to be used with homelink. just a heads up if you cant get it to work after the directions posted
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thanks for sharing. worked like a charm.
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GATORB8, information is valuable. I install garage door openers and universal remotes programming is usually easy: . But sometimes customer's demands include programming of different built-in remotes of their cars - that really problematic. It resulted in gathering different information how to program different built-in remotes...
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