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Updated Vendor Rules & Instructions

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Default Updated Vendor Rules & Instructions

Vendor Rules (updated 09AUG16)

We have recently had to update these rules due to some vendors exploiting the rather lax rules we've had in place and thereby causing some complaints. Please read and re-read them to ensure you're in compliance with these rules while using our forum as one of your showcases. Thank you in advance.

1) Vendors on F150Forum.com will be able to create threads in the Vendor Showcase sub-forum telling members about deals and specials they are having at their store/site.

2) Vendors are also allowed to make posts throughout F150Forum.com as long as their posts are on-topic and are not a blatant advertisement for their product or store. To expand upon this using the "Show of your pics of your XX truck" thread as an example- plastering images of vehicles running your company's products can be construed as blatant advertisement and thus be removed by staff if deemed fit. A user asking questions about a product and you (as a vendor) answering this question is encouraged. Answering this question and providing a link and/or pricing thru you (as a vendor) is also considered blatant advertisement. These advertisements are to be kept in the section specifically designed for them.

3) Vendors are also allowed to create two (2) threads in the Trades & Sales section of the site per month. ***Intentionally bumping your thread to keep it at the top of the showcase via the stereotypical "BUMP" post or replying to excessively old inquiry's under a veil to keep them at the top WILL not be tolerated and thus, this can cause for post/thread removal as deemed fit by staff.

4) Vendors are also allowed to have a link to their site in their signatures.

5) Only Vendors will be able to create threads in the Vendor forum, but all members will be able to respond in the threads.

Junior Vendors-

Do you have a garage operation or side business but you're not what anyone would consider an "official" business with a brick and mortar store or even a widespread web presence? Have you posted threads in the classified section selling your product or service only to have it subseuqnetly removed for not being a registered vendor? You might consider signing up as a Junior Vendor. See the contact link below and let the advertising department know you're looking to register as a Junior Vendor.

***If you meet the criteria- even though the fee is greatly reduced, the same rules apply to you that apply to other "normal" vendors but Junior Vendors are also allowed to create one (1) thread in the Trades & Sales section of the site per month.

Instructions on Becoming a Vendor

To become an F150forum registered Vendor, please contact: http://internetbrandsauto.com/contact

Are you an existing vendor with questions? [email protected]


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