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F150Forum banning

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Old 10-11-2017, 10:36 AM
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Im just making a thread where I feel a vendor was wronged unjustly. If I dont have that right, then I guess this will get shut down. I'm not slandering, cussing or threatening, Im letting my opinion known. Hope that is okay......
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Old 10-11-2017, 11:02 AM
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Boy oh boy....

So much to address here.

First, IB has nothing to do with banning other than- when it comes to a paying vendor, keeping them in the loop. First problem with this thread.

Second, just because you, as a non-omnipotent member, don't see reasons why someone got banned DOESN'T mean that there weren't private conversations had on WAAAAYYYY too many occasions to allow antics to continue. Sure, a simple statement that seems coy and nonchalant might not seem worth a ban, but if you were able to peel back a curtain and see the probably 8 page long staff record of interactions, informal warnings, formal warnings, and subsequent bans, you might get a better picture. You won't, however, see behind that curtain so you'll have to take my word for it. Also, for your edification, band work as follows and are usually never deviated from, ready? Informal warning, formal warning, 24hrs ban, 7 day ban, 1 month ban, etc. Normally for regular members, if you hit a month, it's usually permanent. Vendors? We will hit a 6 month window since they pay to advertise so we afford that luxury. See how many steps we've been thru with your sacred vendor already?

Lastly, if you have a complaint, FFS, bring it to me. Don't assume you know everything about a given situation and act on it as if you think your soap box is made of oak... it's actually made of wet cardboard.

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Old 10-11-2017, 11:02 AM
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That vendor was not banned because he said "cheap and Chinese." He was banned because he's been spoken to SEVERAL times about causing issues on the forum, in threads and in private messages, with users and with vendors, and he has a rap sheet miles long because of it. He has had repeated formal warnings, both in public and in private, and had a ban before and continues to cause disruption. He was not banned to "keep another vendor happy." He was banned for yet another instance of unsportsmanlike conduct / conduct unbecoming of a gentleman, which is causing rivalry among vendors, and - here it comes, don't act like it surprises you - jeopardizing the profits and marketability of this forum. There are ways of getting your point across that a particular product is not as good as another without constantly breaking advertising rules, thinly skirting them to claim false innocence, and then trying to "bro up" in PMs when talked to about it, especially going so far as to blame his attitude on being from NY - as if that somehow makes his past activity acceptable. If you want to use this platform to make money, this platform has to also get something out of it, and scaring off other current or potential vendors is not the way to make that happen.

This may shock you, but this is not a public board. It's not your own message board or soap box. This is a business. It is privately-owned by someone who is not you. Your first amendment rights on this privately-owned board do not apply, which you knew when you signed up because this business / site, just like nearly all others, have a rules / terms and conditions you agreed to.

Agreeing to waive those rights to join the site and then complaining about being censored is just plain stupid. And with that...
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