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FlyBoy141 12-21-2018 10:45 PM

Does your truck do this?
2018 F-150 XLT SCREW 5.0 10 speed FX4

truck chatters/rattles when shifting gears or going up a slight incline with low RPMís. Have taken it to the dealer 4 times now, each time they ďcanít hear anythingĒ. They did the TSB update and it did not fix anything. Itís not the vacuum/hubs up front either. Anyone else have this issue??? No CEL or warning lights and the truck shifts fine, but this noise is VERY audible in person and a few friends have heard it while I drive by and each one had no idea I was hearing the noise either as I had not told them about the noise

oh, and 7100 miles currently on truck. Noise started around 3000 miles and has been to dealer 4 times since 3000 miles

aeterna 12-22-2018 12:01 AM

What motor you got? I have not heard of this particular issue but I recommend taking as many videos of the issue as you can so you have definitive proof to show.

idrive 12-22-2018 01:01 AM

Run it in Sport Mode and see if it still does it.

marshallr 12-22-2018 08:05 AM

All newer vehicles try to get into the highest gear possible, ASAP in order to get better fuel mileage. It sounds like it is in a gear too high for the conditions and with the engine at very low rpm's is struggling. I don't think anything is wrong with the truck. Just push the skinny pedal closer to the floor to get rpm's up and drop down to a lower gear. The 3.5 develops torque at much lower rpm and this probably isn't an issue with that engine. The 5.0 is a strong engine as well, but it is made to run faster to get it's power.

FlyBoy141 12-22-2018 08:13 AM

I’ve tried uploading the videos from my phone on here, but it won’t upload for some reason. I’m new to these forum things, so forgive me. I’ve clicked on the 10th icon (beside the smiley face) in the reply box and then chose the video I wanted to upload, but it isn’t showing up on the post here

and idrive, I’ve tried it in tow mode, sport mode, eco mode, normal mode, 4 wheel drive engaged, etc. it still does it

The only time the truck doesn’t do it is if I really get down on the pedal. If I really give her a lot pedal taking off or if I’m on highway speed and come up to an incline at low rpms, if I give it more gas than it needs and make the transmission downshift...the noise is not there. This is what leads me to believe it’s the tranny and not the motor. But, either way, the mechanics that have ridden with me “can’t hear anything”

hudman 12-22-2018 02:06 PM

Having some weird tranny issues with my 2018 RCSB 4x4 5.0 3.73, just shy of 600miles. Tranny in normal mode at low rpm is having hard time finding right gear. This just started in last 75miles or about a week ago as I have 14mile daily commute . In stop and go traffic it really sucks as tranny doesn't know what to do, or I give more pressure on gas peddle and it lurches forward. In sport mode it works fine. Not impressed right now with Ford at all. Between 2x having doors not shut in cold weather, tranny issue, noisy engine, 13.5 mpg. I have had many different brands of vehicles and never seen issues as I having with this Ford. Not a happy customer, any make, model vehicles with these type of issues should never make it to the public.

korbinbaird 12-22-2018 02:16 PM

Check this video out. Is this the noise you hear?

FlyBoy141 12-22-2018 04:40 PM

Originally Posted by korbinbaird (Post 6025878)

Check this video out. Is this the noise you hear?

no sir, this isnít the same sound as the video. I seen that thread as well and read every comment, lol. Mine is different. I wish I could upload the video I have of mine, but for whatever reason I cannot upload it

but thank you, I wish it was that noise but it isnít

jack11672 12-22-2018 06:36 PM

I have a 2017 3.5 Ecoboost. When sitting at idle, it sounds like a lifter is sticking. Dealer hears nothing. Anyone else hear something like this?

FallGuy44 12-22-2018 08:49 PM

Check the 15+ section. Lots having this issue.

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