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Conversation Between UnleashedFord and TunaSlayer
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  1. UnleashedFord
    01-03-2011 01:53 AM - permalink
    i just added 3000k to my off roading lights lol
  2. TunaSlayer
    01-02-2011 09:16 PM - permalink
    Check out the off roads light in my thread now...just finished the HID conversion. Looks like a Supernova
  3. UnleashedFord
    01-02-2011 03:12 PM - permalink
    dont worry height isnt everything, still love the look of your truck
  4. TunaSlayer
    01-02-2011 01:16 PM - permalink
    Thanks dude, kinda like the black brother to yours except not as tall haha.
  5. UnleashedFord
    01-02-2011 04:23 AM - permalink
    yo i really like how your truck came out, its really clean
  6. UnleashedFord
    12-15-2010 10:59 PM - permalink
    the guy i gave you the link to from this forum, his name is jon....his warehouse is 40min from my shop so we setup a account together
  7. TunaSlayer
    12-15-2010 10:57 PM - permalink
    hmm interesting...where'd you order them, through your contracted vendor?
  8. UnleashedFord
    12-15-2010 10:56 PM - permalink
    thats what i thought but it worked perfectly, plus i ordered the short lights not the reguilar HID long ones
  9. TunaSlayer
    12-15-2010 10:54 PM - permalink
    I see, don't think that would work with the ones I ordered...the Black Magics are pretty slim I can't see an HID bulb fitting
  10. UnleashedFord
    12-15-2010 10:46 PM - permalink
    my off road lights came with halogen bulbs, just switched it out and coverted them to HID

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