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Conversation Between TwentyTenFX4 and rocky-f150
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  1. rocky-f150
    06-20-2012 01:26 PM - permalink
    thats a little longer then i wanna take but its worth it haha.
  2. TwentyTenFX4
    06-20-2012 12:04 PM - permalink
    Yea. In all it took us about 17 hrs and about 2 1/2 days to install it. And just an fyi, the top diff bolt it a p.i.t.a. to put in.
  3. rocky-f150
    06-20-2012 11:05 AM - permalink
    yea, thats what th other guy i talked to said, he told me it took him about 22 hours to completely install it.
  4. TwentyTenFX4
    06-20-2012 12:13 AM - permalink
    Yea we just had jack stands. A lift would helped out tons.
  5. rocky-f150
    06-20-2012 12:11 AM - permalink
    haha i really dont wanna pay to do it. one of my dads buddys has a garage with one of them big car lifts so ill prob try talkin him into lettin me use that and helpin me put it on.
  6. TwentyTenFX4
    06-20-2012 12:06 AM - permalink
    Me and a buddy installed it and man it was a pain. The thing we had the hardest time with was the top diff bolt. For some reason our hole and the diff hole weren't lining up. It's worth installing urself. I was quoted $1100 to have it installed. I was like, Nah I'm good. Lol
  7. rocky-f150
    06-19-2012 11:58 PM - permalink
    idk yet, i heard to have it installed its like at least another grand and i talked to another guy on here who told me he installed it his self without to much trouble. did you install it yourself of pay to get it done?
  8. TwentyTenFX4
    06-19-2012 11:44 PM - permalink
    Yea man I can't complain. Are you planning on putting it on urself or having it installed?
  9. rocky-f150
    06-19-2012 11:09 PM - permalink
    i hear ya, im plannin on a 6" here soon and i was stuck between bds and rough country, i got a 2.5 leveling from rough country and aint had nothin go wrong so now that ive asked around ill be goin with a lift from them, bout $600-700 cheaper then bds lol.
  10. TwentyTenFX4
    06-19-2012 11:04 PM - permalink
    i love the lift. it rides great. plus with cost was pretty good compared to the rest.

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