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Conversation Between madeSICC and dase520
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  1. madeSICC
    03-21-2011 01:52 PM - permalink

    This is the seller i bought mine from, what year is your truck? i think the 2004 models and early 2005 use a diffrent style from the later year 05s-08. so if you have a 05 make sure you find the build date before you order.
  2. dase520
    03-20-2011 06:59 PM - permalink
    yea bro if u could tell me where u got them may be i could order them i need both of them.
  3. madeSICC
    03-18-2011 09:54 AM - permalink
    I only had to replace one of my hubs so far and i got it off of a seller off ebay for $80 i think, then had a shop put it in for about $80 as well. Glad i could help. if you want me to find the seller i bought from let me know, the part seemed like great quality or the price, its been a few moths since i did mine.
  4. dase520
    03-17-2011 12:37 AM - permalink
    nice truck by the way i wanted a gray one but when i saw mine i fell in love lol.
  5. dase520
    03-17-2011 12:36 AM - permalink
    hey thanx for hat post bro i got my truck looked at at my buddys shop and they told me it was both my hubs mainly my right one i didnt know that the hubs could mess up ur alignment ho much did it run u about?

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