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  1. LOHfootball53
    01-07-2009 08:06 AM - permalink
    alright thanks man
  2. kyle7
    01-07-2009 07:44 AM - permalink
    i first tried it with the 4 pin and i had that problem i mentioned, so i tried hardwiring it and still didnt work so i called and theyre sending me an adaptor free.
  3. LOHfootball53
    01-06-2009 08:06 AM - permalink
    alright ill let you know how it turns you have it hard wired or with a 4 pin?
  4. kyle7
    01-06-2009 12:21 AM - permalink
    I got mine from here... bi xenon is a bit more expensive cuz you get both hi/lo beam from one bulb. i am completely satisfied. well worth it imo. like i said mine have a hint of blue in them if you want pure white you can go with 4300K. i think thats what most bmw/mercedes use. one problem with my lights is that the hi beam and low beam wires are crossed so when my his are on its actually my lows and vica versa but i havent spent much time looking into it. i recently put in my fire and ice bar, let me know how it goes cuz my tailights are the same brightness as my brakes and blinkers and i;m waiting for advice from the company. so hopefully all will work out eventually.
  5. LOHfootball53
    01-05-2009 11:12 PM - permalink
    o and i forgot to answer your ? lol yes they keep the 9007 bulbs...where did you get your HIDs from btw? i also want to keep my high beams so i would have to get a bi xenon or somethin called like that
  6. LOHfootball53
    01-05-2009 11:09 PM - permalink
    yea i want a pure white light color. nothing to get attention from cops. lol and thanks for the complement pretty soon i am lowering the rear 2" and adding my fire and ice LED bar
  7. kyle7
    01-05-2009 10:01 PM - permalink
    My HID's are actually mostly white with a hint of blue since they are 6000K. If you like them blue i would go with 8000 or 10000K. I got a buddy with 8000 and they look good. As far as light output they are fantastic. i am always getting flashed by other drivers and sort of feel bad about it but i got over it ha. i've got nothing but compliments about them. as far as the K&N CAI, i cant really notice a power difference because i live in alaska and the roads are icy so whenever i step on it my tires just spin but it is noticably louder. real easy install too... i really like your lightning lights. i am looking at a pair on ebay. i have a question tho. do you keep the regular 9007 bulbs b/c i dont want to have to get rid of my HID's? thnx. and nice truck btw i'll try and get some picks of mine up shortly
  8. LOHfootball53
    01-05-2009 09:14 PM - permalink
    hey do you like your HIDs? is it blue or white? and also did your K&N intake help anything?

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