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Conversation Between KIETH F150 and Sillygirl
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  1. Sillygirl
    10-18-2012 02:34 PM - permalink
    I'm still rockin' the F150 for work, miss you guys! I gotta come out to a meeting sometime soon, just don't hate if I show up in my dmax. ; )
    Your truck looks mint, Kieth!
  2. KIETH F150
    08-18-2012 08:48 AM - permalink
    KIETH F150
    Now who's lifted, you make me look like a dinky car!!
    Your newer truck looks awsome!!
    some of are meeting in Guelph for a coffee, some time in Sept.
  3. Sillygirl
    06-17-2012 11:22 AM - permalink
    She's absolutely never ever clean, haha. She's been sitting in the driveway quite a lot lately, somehow I picked myself up a dmax with a 9 inch lift, 40's, a stack and a mean rebuilt tranny. Thinking miss Lana might be biting the dust soon.
  4. KIETH F150
    06-14-2012 06:31 PM - permalink
    KIETH F150
    Your truck looks good leveled, Did I see a pic of it almost clean ??? lol.
    A small group of us are going to a truck show in Grand Bend this weekend, should be fun!!
  5. KIETH F150
    05-26-2012 08:22 AM - permalink
    KIETH F150
    Yes My wheels finally came in, so I made time to install it, I'm not sure how they can say 8-10 hours to install, I started Friday noon and didn't get done till Saturday night 10 o-clock, Thanks I'm happy with it !!
  6. Sillygirl
    05-24-2012 01:34 AM - permalink
    You jacked her up!? I'm deadly envious. : (
  7. Sillygirl
    04-07-2012 10:32 PM - permalink
    Across from The Beer Store? Sounds perfectly convenient! Keep me updated, I missed the last one.
  8. KIETH F150
    04-07-2012 09:26 PM - permalink
    KIETH F150
    For sure! we are talking on another forum about a timmies meet, but I would like to do more of an afternoon thing, The River side Park across from the beer store wood work great!
  9. Sillygirl
    04-07-2012 09:00 PM - permalink
    I'm bad at keeping her clean, she much prefers being dirty. Hope your enjoying the warm weather too! We all gotta' meet up this summer, and get our girls together. : )
  10. KIETH F150
    03-22-2012 10:19 PM - permalink
    KIETH F150
    Hope your enjoying all this nice weather, and washing your truck!

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