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  1. kaboom10
    01-04-2013 10:05 PM - permalink
    If you haven't got it fixed try a crank or cam sensor is my guess.
  2. chris_gray101
    12-19-2012 11:49 PM - permalink
    Hi kaboom. I'm sensing you know a lot about Ford trucks! I'm having an issue with mine, wanted to know if you had an answer? 1999 f150 4.6L. Been running fine, drove it to my coworkers house, shut it off, went to work. Came back and hopped in, Would crank but no start. My dad came down to check it out. Not the relay, not the fuel pump (replaced), not the plugs/wires, not the fuses. Doubtful it's the PCM and its not the fuel pump shut-off switch. Replacing the fuel filter tomorrow morning to see if maybe that's it, Not sure. He thinks its getting fuel but somehow the injectors aren't recognizing that it has fuel, Make any sense? We depressed the Schrader valve, and gas is coming out, just not sure at what PSI. Bypassed the relay to let the pump run, but still won't start. Not flooded. Chance its the regulator? Those never go bad in any vehicle from what I've seen! Any suggestions on what else to check? Fuel rail plugged? How could we check? Thanks a million. Please reply! Help!

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