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  1. White Stallion
    11-05-2012 05:34 AM - permalink
    White Stallion
    Have a tight budget and even tighter time frame
  2. White Stallion
    11-05-2012 05:29 AM - permalink
    White Stallion
    Need Help!!
    Just dropped in a reman 351W in place of my cracked 302. Everything is ready to go, but when putting in distributor, I was 3 teeth off. Well, I did one tooth at a time. Moved one tooth cc, cranked the motor, almost started. Pulled distributor, one tooth cc, cranked motor, even closer to starting. Moved one more tooth cc, went to crank motor, and nothing. Starter couldn't hardly move flex plate. Thinking assembly lube burnt off on 2nd attempt, and pistons are dry. Tried starting fluid, but without motor spinning for rpm sensor to send spark, didn't help. Tried Marvel Mystery oil poured through spark plug holes, made little difference. Anything you can think of short of tearing the motor back apart that I could try or do to get the rings lubed back up enough to get the motor started so the oil pump can take over?

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