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  1. Mudweiser
    03-22-2013 01:17 PM - permalink
    Loving my Rugged Terrains, thanks for all your help!
  2. Mudweiser
    03-11-2013 03:02 PM - permalink
    Yeah, they are 33"x I think 11.5". I think it will look good once the level goes on next week and I am thinking about getting some 18x9 Fuel Machined Mavericks come May '13.
  3. Grandpa's Grocery Getter
    03-11-2013 01:55 PM - permalink
    Grandpa's Grocery Getter
    so is that a 33" tire?......I paid 250 apiece for mine shipping and tax's from tire rack on the 34.1" were 1472.00 it still was cheaper then if id bought the 33's here in Canada...we get hosed big time!!
  4. Mudweiser
    03-11-2013 12:34 PM - permalink
    Orderd my tires today from a friend/ owner of the ford dealership. LT275/70R18 Rugged Terrains. $835 out the door. Thanks for all your help and input on the tires. I get them installed thursday morning and the level goes on next week.
  5. Grandpa's Grocery Getter
    01-14-2013 03:48 PM - permalink
    Grandpa's Grocery Getter
    also the reviews from the 4wd magazine's i read these were cross over between the all terrian & the Mud radials, and were designed to be in the middle of the 2......and I think they achieved that and then usage is the same as yours right they should work great for you. I paid 250 a tire from tire rack.....and havea great warranty.
  6. Grandpa's Grocery Getter
    01-14-2013 03:45 PM - permalink
    Grandpa's Grocery Getter
    No worries......yes I have 275/65/20 LT M&S....these seem to be a great tire, actually better then the all terrians on snow and mud. You should check Tire Rack site where I got them from they have a part that says survey on the specs of the tire and give true usage of actual people that have them to read.
    I had 2 different sets of the all terrians, they are almost as good as these but don't ride as nice and they make noise compared to Rugged T/A's, I wrote to BFG when I got them for proper air preasure and they told me to run 40lbs for best performance, I lowered them to 38lbs, but Im going back up to 40lbs its snowing again today so might have to go play with person the tires were more aggressive then the pics i had seen..and knew they were for me...and will fit on your truck , and thats the biggest size they make....hope that helps
  7. Mudweiser
    01-14-2013 12:50 PM - permalink
    Thanks for getting back to me grant. I have been tossing around the idea of getting the Rugged Terrains instead of the all terrains. Reason being I don't go off road very often and when I do its nother more than what my stock tires can handle. The rugged terrains look a little more aggressive then the stock tires so I'm not to worried. What size are the tires you have? 275/65R20 is that correct? I have a 2" Hell Bent Leveling kit to install and I'm looking at getting some 20" wheels. Just can't decide on the tires.

    - Knight
  8. Grandpa's Grocery Getter
    01-12-2013 04:11 PM - permalink
    Grandpa's Grocery Getter
    Mudwiser I finally had a chance to drive in wet slushy snow and ice for about 3 days before it melted.....and went back to rain. They were very Impressive they stopped where everyone else was sliding through Intersections, take off was great i aired them down 2 lbs from 40 lbs, I was driving around and taking off in 2 wd with traction control seemed like i was in 4wd..over all i was very Impressed.the other day in the pouring rain I tried to break them loose on sharp corner , but they didn' I love them just wish they would come int 35" 12.50 or 325.....I have the biggest size they make!


  9. Grandpa's Grocery Getter
    10-30-2012 01:28 PM - permalink
    Grandpa's Grocery Getter
    BTW, go on Tire Rack and you can check the specs, an average of driving surrey tells you what others think of the tires there rated like 98% snow and ice are great. plus you can compare other tires your Interested in weight, size, survey

  10. Grandpa's Grocery Getter
    10-29-2012 05:38 PM - permalink
    Grandpa's Grocery Getter
    If you decide to get thsoe I bought mine from Tire Rack and there were 250.00 each, great price, for an all around tire they seem awesome!

    I just wished they were made a bit bigger like 35" or 36" then Id use them all year round. for my bigger tires ai want im going to BFG KM2's for my summer tires and Looks!!

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