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  1. David F-150
    12-02-2009 01:53 PM - permalink
    David F-150
    Tbh, i dont really know much about the mechanical side, but the basics of changing oil/installing and uninstalling along with some elitrical. The best thing you can do is put what you said to me in a post under the classics area and ask for some further help, sorry i couldn't help you out thou man, i sure hope you some luck so you can get your ride fixed.
  2. jkmf150
    12-01-2009 02:37 AM - permalink
    david my name is John I hope u can help me out. I have 1986 f-150 4x4 302 3 speed auto. Had to loop the rear gas tank out due to over pressure out of either tank. Anyway the thing is idleing fine and runs smooth until i gas it. The tranny is over filled when i bought it but thought it best to let sleeping dog lie. Now it is getting worse and i think it is glogged but i need to know how to check for a vacuum or relay, solenoid etc. played with all the connections but no change, could it be the tranny is bad and the owner filled it high to compensate. i would likee to check things before i put clean fluid in tranny . could make it worse. low on cash or i would replace high presure gas pump. can you service the manual switch over for the tanks, maybe just hook it back up and clean the tanks,, How is the easiest way to clean the tanks hope you have time to respond anything to think about will help Thanks John

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