General Information

Year 2006
Make Ford
Model F150 XLT
Color White

Bought it in 2006 with 15,000 miles for roughly 21K.


Window Tint- You could say I'm obsessed with it. Right now I've got layered 5 over 15% on my fronts and two layers of 15% over the sock tint on the rear three. These match perfectly. My windshield is covered in 35% and I love it, even though I wish it was darker.

Recon Bed Lights and Third Brake light- Both work pretty good, more cosmetic for me than function for the third brake light though.

Niteshades Tint on the tail lights- They are pretty dark but the light shines through easily. I would get at body shop to clear them though.

Husky Toolbox- It's a decent box, the paint came off but I prayed it with Duplicolor Bed Liner and it looks great now.

KC Backup lights- these help a ton since I have so much tint.


Husky Mats- I wish I would have gone with Weathertechs, the fit of these is not nearly as good as I was hoping.

LED's in the overhead lights- They look much better than the stock bulbs IMO.

In-Car Entertainment

Pioneer AVH4000 Headunit- It's a ok unit, you can't really expect to much since it only cost me 350 bucks. It is nice though to have the backup camera that I installed to it. I've got a bypass setup to watch DVD's while in drive and that is nice as well to have.

Polk BD571's- These speakers sound pretty good until I turn the volume way up, an amp would should help but I don't have one yet.

Under the Hood

AEM-I never really pushed this to much until I got my custom tunes so I can't speak much performance wise of this by itself. It did help with throttle control though.

PHP Gryphon with Custom Tunes- My 87 performance tune runs good but my torque converter locks and unlocks all the time which is rather annoying.

3" Si/So Magnaflow and 3" Cutout- The Magnaflow is round body (4") and sounds pretty good, not to loud but still has a nice tone to it. The cutout loses some performance but the sound is what I really like about it when it's open. It sounds very gargled at idle which I love, it's still not to loud and is more quiet than straight pipes.


Daystar Leveling kit (2.5")- Good kit, haven't had any issues or squeaking with it.

Icon Suspension Schocks for the rear- The ride has improved with these a little, they mainly just firmed the ride up a tad and helped keep the truck bouncing around to a minimum after hitting large bumps at decent speeds.

Wheel and Tires

XD Spy's in 17X8

Mastercraft 285/70/17-I've put just over 50,000 on them with a good bit of doughnuts and burnouts and they still have tread left. If you aren't as harsh on them as I have been you could esily get 70K, I'm expecting to get around 60K. I hardly ever rotate them as well.