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azwhitemouse 07-21-2014 02:13 PM

Injector problem
Trying to get a '94 4.9L inline 6 running. Have fuel all the way to the injector rail at proper pressure. I have no fuel on the cylinder side of any of the 6 injectors. I have voltage to injectors... but still no fuel through injectors. Could all 6 go bad at the same time? How do I find and check the EEC PWR relay? I know I need a min of 10.5 volts at the injector and thinking I might have low voltage. Also the code I got said there was a cylinder ID failure...could that be an issue? I checked the EEC with another one and it made no difference so I figured that was not the problem. Plus, I thought injector timing, but even wrong timing would deliver fuel if that was the problem.... Any ideas? I'm all ears and running out of ideas, and don't want to pull top off intake again if I don't need to.

Thanks for any help ahead of time.

Robert McQueeney 08-08-2014 10:55 PM

Having the same problem w 1991 5.0 liter. Fuel pressure good, timing right, pulse at injectors 1.5-12, no fuel thru injectors. Pour fuel into air intake, will fire. What else can prevent the injectors from actuating? Don't wanna buy a $200 ECM if won't fix. Somebody told me the distributor ignition module, but as far as I know that is only for spark. Any other input?

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