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wasted 06-12-2014 10:06 AM

truck -95 302 transmission problem
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Hi everyone. I know there's a thousand threads all over the internet about the transmission problems and overdrive light blinkin. I am still fighting with these problems and I thought I'd put up a thread to get to ask from people more wiser than me.
Symptoms are the same we all know, slammin gears, low power and so on
I have changed the speed sensor few times, no affect. Speedo works fine.

If I get it right the signal coming from the rear end goes to the cluster and abs module. But after that where does it go?

My cruise doesn't work, there's one burned red/blue wire coming from under the steering wheel and the connector to the servo is also burned, so it is not attached at the moment. I once saw these connectors for sale on ebay but can't find them anymore. Can this be the cause and can I rewire it and change the connector if I ever find them again. Or do I have bigger problem with the cruise control.

Is there a way to test the psom and the abs module?

The truck is -95 302 2wd with 120000 miles on it

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Thats not my only problem but thats what I have been dealing now.

The codes its giving:
539 A/C or defrost on with KOEO
565 Canister purge circuit fault
332 Egr valve not opening
334 Egr (EVP) Voltage above closed limit
452 Open Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit

Thanks for any help and sorry for my english.

BOOMRR 10-22-2015 04:55 PM

Cruise cntrl recall
Check ford web site, for recall

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