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OleRed88xlt 05-31-2014 05:09 PM

302 budget build
Iv got an 88 f150 with the efi 302, I had a short in the wiring harness and replaced almost everything electrical, I'm still having issues so I have ordered a new wiring harness and will install it soon, but the truck has 200k miles on it, oil pan is leaking, and power steering pump is going I decided to pull it and do a complete rebuild. I have bought the engine stand and cherry picker and will pull it out probably the first week of this summer. (I'm 18 in highschool) I worked on vehicles with my father my hole life and know more then the average kid. In order to convert to carb and add some hp this is what iv put together, what do y'all think? Is carb worth it or should I stay with the EFI?
Oil Pump: M-68HV: $49.97
Oil Pump Screen: 68-S: $12.97
Camshaft: E303: $219.97
Timing Set: C-3054X: $39.97
Machine Heads: $170.00
Crane Valve Springs: 44308-1: $178.80
Fuel Pump Eccentric: M-6287-B302: $39.97
Timing Cover: 635-102: $86.97
Timing Bolts: 154-1504: $25.42
Water Pump: M-8501-C50: $43.97
Oil Pan Gasket: M-6710-A50: $19.97
Oil Pan: ARC A8446: $79.99
Head Dowels: TFS-51400420: $12.97
Head Gaskets: 933PT1: $47.98
Head Bolts: 933PT1: $48.41
Fuel Pump: 12-833: $73.97
Oil Filter Adapter: ALL92003: $6.97
Roller Lifters: M-6500-R302: $125.97
Roller Rockers: SCP1021BL: $265.97
Pushrods: 7917-16: $134.97
Rocker Channels: M-6588-A50: $22.97
Harmonic Damper: 80007: $92.97
Headers for GT40P: M-9430-P50: $249.97
About 1,800 total (estimate)

OleRed88xlt 06-02-2014 01:28 AM


ashleyz 08-05-2014 10:30 PM

Did you finish your rebuild?

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