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EventHorizon 07-17-2014 03:36 AM

LEDs Not Turning Off
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So picked up these LEDs from Walmart and installed them in the front map/interior lights. They seam to work normal except for the fact that they don't turn off completely. When they turn off they dim in what I would call "steps" and then 2 of the LEDs per bulb stay on very dim. Only noticed it tonight as it's the first time I drove in the dark. On while driving and stay on when I lock it too.

Is there always slight power going to the map lights that is not enough to light a filament bulb but could just make an LED glow a little?? Do I need to find an LED that has a small resistor built in to trick the circuit into thinking there is a regular bulb there??

Anyone have a similar problem??? You might, go check your lights in the dark.

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