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goneMINIcrazy 06-03-2014 09:28 PM

101 ways to mount your Rigids! - Presented by TAP Auto and goneFXcrazy
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Ok guys, I wanted to make an unofficial collection of as many of the million ways to mount Rigid Industries lights as I could possibly find. Most of these are directly from other members here on the forum. For the sake of this collection, I'll be doing only '09-14 for now. If you have some other gen examples, post them up and I'll make another section on the other years.

Ok I'm going to start this show with options for your lower bumper opening. This is the easiest setup and looks especially clean with trucks that have the center license plate.

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If you don't have a license plate there, you could easily fit 2 sets of Duallys or D2's. With the EcoBoost you can also easily put just 2 Duallys/D2's in there without worries about blocking air flow into the lower intercooler.

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The absolute BEST option for Non-EcoBoost trucks in the lower bumper, is a 20" E-series Combo light. They fit perfectly in the gap, but you will need to remove the "bread boxes" and slightly trim them after you mount the bar. VERY MINOR TRIMMING that you won't even see after reinstalling.

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But don't worry EcoBoosters, you can get in on the lower bumper light bar action too! The 20" leaves PLENTY of space for airflow to the lower intercooler, so no worries about performance and reliability. The SR will even fit much easier than a E will as it requires less fitment and trimming.

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Now for those of you with the 6-Bar style grill. Here's some special advice for you guys.

Ok the absolute BEST lights to use in your grill is any variation of the SR. The 30" Combo is the best flavor to choose. That fits it horizontally right between the two grill support bars, and the SR is just tall enough to fit perfectly in between the slats of the 6-Bar grill.

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Pretty easy install, simple hardware.

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Works well with smaller SR's too!

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goneMINIcrazy 06-03-2014 09:52 PM

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Part 2.

Now for another really popular setup that works best with the '09-12 grills. Dually's mounted behind the grill on the sides of the bars. There are a few different ways to mount them, some choose to bolt to the grill itself, other mount to the grill supports, other to the radiator supports, it's really up to you.

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Now, for those of us that got stuck with the '13-14 C-clamp grill.... Things get a little more interesting. We are a little limited as to our options, well here's what you can do.

First, let's start with E series bars. 30" bars will lose too much light, but 20" bars work better as you can mount them in the middle up close to the grill. The bottom half of the grill works better for this, but you can do it the top. SR's will work much better if you're wanting something on the top half of the grill.

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Again, if you have the guts, some grill surgery will give you ultimate light output.

Attachment 523693

If you want something in between the two horizontal slats, you're gonna have to use either Dually's or shorter E/SR bars. Two 6 or 10 inch E bars would work well, but Duallys/D2's allow more adjustable light pattern.

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goneMINIcrazy 06-03-2014 10:03 PM

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A good option for anyone, is replacing the stock fogs with Dually's or D2's. Amber ones are especially useful for inclement weather.

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One more option that's not for everyone is the hinge hood mounts. Definitely a very unique look.

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Now for setups that will require you to have a N-fab/Smittybilt Light bar. Some specs on the bar for future reference. The inner tabs are 10 1/8" apart center hole to center hole, inner tabs to outer tabs are 10 1/4" hole to hole, and the two outer tabs are 30 1/2" hole to hole.

The best option for this is either 4 Dually's/D2's, one on each mounting tab, or one big E Series Bar. The 28" bar was designed specifically for the NFab/Smittybilt. That puts the Rigid mounts almost exactly on the welded tabs.

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BULLBARS!!! Pretty much anything will fit, and any combination of lights will be fine. Just a few Duallys or even an E series bar or two.

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goneMINIcrazy 06-03-2014 10:04 PM

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Now for the rear. There are a couple good options for backup/rear auxiliary lighting.

1. The best/most stealthy setups IMO are the SR-M or SR-Q Diffused backup kits.

Attachment 523674

2. You can do the same thing with the Dually's but the SR-Q's will throw light in a wider pattern which is probably better for the application.

Attachment 523675

3. The last option is not for the faint of heart and also may not be the ideal look for most. Flush mount Duallys and SR-Q's come with the cutting template you need to install them.

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goneMINIcrazy 06-03-2014 10:04 PM

Left blank for further expansion.

goneMINIcrazy 06-04-2014 12:48 PM

Left blank for further expansion.

goneMINIcrazy 06-04-2014 02:41 PM

Ok guys, this is an open thread, please add your own setups, but please oh please, IF you are going to tell us what you have, POST A PICTURE.


So yeah, if it's not already here, what have YOU done? I will update the first few posts when new ideas and examples come up. And as always, let me know if you need anything, TAP Auto carries all the products I've shown here and at great prices.

Jus Jim 06-04-2014 04:35 PM

Great thread. I have a couple D2's I won in a raffle and had not decided how I was going to mount them. This gave me a couple ideas. ( dreaded "C" grill)

goneMINIcrazy 06-04-2014 04:43 PM

Originally Posted by Jus Jim (Post 3530783)
Great thread. I have a couple D2's I won in a raffle and had not decided how I was going to mount them. This gave me a couple ideas. ( dreaded "C" grill)

I know, I miss my '12 FX grill.....

RES4CUE 06-04-2014 05:50 PM


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