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Shootermurray 06-22-2014 02:22 AM

Looking to buy a camper, can I do it?
Hey guys
I am looking into getting my first camper. A 267Bhs jay flight swift ,29'11 ft and with options about 5600pnds(dry)and I think I read around 5800 or so wet . Now since my math is deplorable and I dont want more trailer then i need on a dangerous situation Can my truck handle this with this info, safely:

Truck is rated for 9300 towing for a trailer even the camper/ ford dealerships/manual says I can. But from what I have been reading there is some adding and subtracting left out

2012 Ford fx4 4x4 super crew
145" wheelbase
5.0 V8 FFV
3.73 gear ratio
7350# gvwr package
3750lb front gawr
3850lb rear gawr

People (Roughly)
4 people 2 adults 2 children

add ons
roll ex tonneau cover, bull bar, 275/70 tires instead of 275/65 and 2 inch level kit
I have been reading a lot and seen all these number floating around and now confused if I should go smaller. Which will suck cause this is exactly what we would want. Sorry for the math question LOL.
But thanks for the replies if I get any.

russellsawatsky 06-22-2014 06:46 AM

You will be close to 6500 lbs wet( loaded for camping ) but with a WDHitch set up right and trailer loaded evenly you should be okay LT tires make a big improvement to stability .

Norotso 06-22-2014 11:08 AM

You need to post your door sticker #s, GVWR(7350) and payload/cargo capacity. Those #s will show what you can safely tow. Since it is camping season, I see this type of thread almost daily. The problem with the F150 is the majority of trucks are built for comfort and style, and not to really work, so many ppl end up with a low payload number. Youre payload will be xxxx - the weight you plan to load up into the truck. Family, gear, tongue weight of the trailer. The factory receiver is only rated to 1050# with a WD system, so any TT you have to expect about 12-13% of the loaded weight being place directly on the tongue. The only true way to know how much weight you have and where is to find a local CAT scale, found at major truck stops, and go with your TT loaded.

Shootermurray 06-22-2014 11:50 AM

Thanks so far guys more responses would be good and all the info that i put on is right from my door/manual.

KR Kodi 06-22-2014 12:18 PM

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Originally Posted by Shootermurray (Post 3560160)
....Truck is rated for 9300 towing...
People (Roughly)
4 people 2 adults 2 children

add ons
roll ex tonneau cover, bull bar, 275/70 tires instead of 275/65 and 2 inch level kit...

9300 - fergidaboudit!!!!! :no:

I looked in the "sales brochure" at the "sales" numbers, and I see that 9300 lb weight listed.

However....I slid over to the left on the chart and see a GCWR of 15100 lbs. That "C" stands for "Combined", and is the max weight your truck and trailer together can weigh.

If your truck is loaded to its GVWR of 7350 (which it definitely will weigh with your family and the trailer's tongue weight loading it down) then subtract the truck's GVWR from the GCWR, you get a max weight for a trailer of 7750 lbs.

Like Norotso says, your payload capacity is very important. It will probably be the rating that will determine your max trailer weight. Below are my door stickers, and you can see the bottom sticker has the very low payload capacity of my heavily optioned King Ranch:

Attachment 522562

I hope your payload capacity is in the 1400 to 1500 lb range or you may have problems. The sticker payload capacity is with the truck empty, but a full tank of gas.

You say the family in the cab will weigh 550, so subtract that from your sticker payload.

Also, how much do the tonneau and bull bar weigh - at least 100 lbs? Subtract that weight as well.

Next, the weight of your WDH will approach 100 lbs.

What else will you be carrying in the bed of the truck when towing? I don't think you'll have any payload capacity left over at all, so you'll be loading the trailer up - and like Russell said the trailer will probably be at least 6500 (I bet more!!).

So....even just the family, the tonneau and bull bar, and the WDH will weigh at least 750 lbs.

If your payload capacity is a generous 1500 lbs, subtract the 750 lbs of family, etc. - and that leaves 750 lbs for the tongue weight of the trailer.

With the tongue weight being 12% to 13% of the loaded trailer weight, 12% of 6500 is 780 lbs. With your WDH properly adjusted, it should redistribute about 20% of that back to your trailer's axles.

So....if you have a 1500 lb payload capacity you should be in good shape (although right up at your truck's limits) with the trailer you're looking at. Anything less than that 1500 and you might be okay if you can keep the trailer lightly loaded.


Shootermurray 06-22-2014 03:03 PM

I looked on the door where u showed me and it says 1518lbs

KR Kodi 06-22-2014 03:12 PM

That's a good payload capacity!!:thumbsup:

As mentioned, just subtract the weight of the family and all the mods you've added and the weight of your WDH (I don't know what the lift kit and wheels might have added) and subtract from 1518 to get what's left for tongue weight.

The best thing would be to take the truck and get it weighed so you know exactly what weight the mods added.

Overall, I think you're probably looking good for a trailer with a wet/loaded weight of 6500 lbs.


KR Kodi 06-22-2014 04:16 PM

BTW - what kind of towing will you be doing?

These trucks will easily tow quite a bit more than they're rated for.

If you'll be towing 100 miles to nearby park several times during the summer, you can tow a heavy trailer - but when your family is riding along you probably want to keep it plenty safe.

But, if you'll be visiting Vancouver by way of Newfoundland, with a side trip to the Evergades and Grand Canyon, then you definitely want to stay within the GVWR, axle limits, GCWR, etc., in order to keep from overstressing your truck.

Bottom line - short tows, the truck can pull a lot; long cross-country travels, keep within the rated limits.


Shootermurray 06-22-2014 06:23 PM

well it will be anywheres from 100 to 300km the only trip I would do that far across Canada is if I ever get posted back east. I know where i am at now there isn't a lot of huge hills unless I go towards BC or Ontario.

astraelraen 06-23-2014 11:46 AM

Depending on how that trailer distributes weight, you are going to be right at your rear axle weight. My 29' Nash comes in at ~6500lbs with a moderate amount of stuff. With Equalizer hitch and NOTHING in the truck bed I'm at ~38XX lbs on the rear axle. I have the max tow rear axle though, 4050lbs I think.

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