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Cheapshot's 2007 Lariat Work truck (Lots of pictures sorry)

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Default Cheapshot's 2007 Lariat Work truck (Lots of pictures sorry)

Well, I've been lurking here for quite some time now and I figured it was finally time to take some pictures after my latest round of work/mods etc.

I'll give you a little back story first.

I bought the truck brand spankin' new in 2007 from Fort Motors in Fort St. John BC.

Its a 2007 F150 Lariat Chrome
5.4, 4x4, 3.73
Captain's chairs
Audiophile stereo

My current mods/additions are:

-Rigid 30" E series light bar on N-Fab light bar
-18" Method Split Six wheels wrapped in 275/70R18 studded Silent Armors
-K&N filter
-Aux booster cable connection
-VHF Radio in centre console
-Wilson Cellphone booster
-Camburg UCA
-Truxedo Tonneau Cover
-Rear Airbags
-Camburg 2.5 Coilovers (currently being re-built, running a level for now)
-Bilstein 5100 rears (waiting to be installed)
-Escort Passport 8500 X50 w/ Blendmount and hardwire install
-1500Watt Inverter hardwired in.
-Harley Taillights and headlights
-Hardwired intelligent battery charger
-V-Force DIDO exhaust
-Bluetooth OBDII reader
-Aux Fuse blocks and switches
-Garmin Nuvi, Garmin Dakota, Sirius
-Rock guard on the rockers and fender flares.
-Custom front valance (its falling off hahaha)
-Custom bumpers, tailgate and fender (they're "custom" dented, scratched and beat.)

Former Mods that I now have removed or wrecked or whatever
-Tinted side windows, until a wonderful RCMP constable politely requested I remove it.

-Icon 2.0 Rear shocks. Broke the shaft on one, and the valving piled up on the other so I literally had 2" of up travel and 3" of down travel. All within 3 months, Hence why i now have the Bilsteins.

-True Duals with Cherry Bombs and Gibson Headers. The Headers cracked on both sides, partly because there was too much tension on my exhaust, and partly because they were crap. hahaha. Without the headers the sound wasn't that awesome, so I had them changed,

-18" XD Spy Wheels. I have to say this surprised me. I ended up cracking one of them on the bead. The part that surprised me was how the beads were starting to wash/wear from use, they were cupping like aluminum rims on semis (I used to spin wrenches at a truck shop) and I only ran them 50% of the time, with basically one summer of hard use.

Here is me with it and my Dad's 2004 XLT, at the dealership picking her up. This was August 22nd/2007. I was a wee second year apprentice and really thought I had the world by the ***** hahahhaa

and here is some more pictures of when I first got her home. She was a real looker back then hahahaha

There with my 2007 Yamaha Grizzly that I bought that spring.

Then the modding and screwing around started. I drove the **** out of the truck basically from day 1. The first two years though it was basically a glorified road trip machine/commuter. That being said though, I've been bracket racing with it 3 times, we have a basically abandoned paved airstrip here so I street raced it lots ahhahha. About 3 years ago I started working it, pulling a box trailer hauling garbage. The trailer was actually 5000lbs before you put anything in it and it wasn't uncommon to get upwards of 3 or 4000lbs of garbage/scrap steel/wood into it. I've towed an awful lot with this truck, but with diligent oil changes and tranny services I haven't had any trouble yet as a result. Its actually kind of comical, where my receiver pin goes in my hitch is quite ob-longed.

Needless to say this truck has been absolutely incredible. I've run her hard, but always taken care of her. Synthetic oil since 5000kms (its at 193000 now) etc.

With the dump trailer

Hauling my Buddy's Dodge when it broke down on us like 700kms from home and I had to rent a u-haul to get it to a shop.

bringing a shed home for my buddy.

Here is the broken Icon shaft. I was choked. $135/side 3 months use.

Blown seals on my Camburg C/Os

a pic this spring with my other truck, 1997 F350 Powerstroke, its since been painted black, and stuff but thats another thread for another time.
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Working it the first winter I had it, this was taken at a Coal Mine, thats coal dust mixed in with the snow. Good times

One Family, One Automaker. My 07, Mom's Raptor, My Brother's 03, Dad's 04 and my GFs Escape.

All lit up! Mine, Mom's and Dad's Rigid Lights.

This is what 1700lbs+ looks like in the back of my truck, my toolbox, with my Grizzly on top.

now pics from the most recent overhaul. My brother and I hardwired all of my 12V stuff in. My radar detector, Inverter, Sat radio, Booster, aux booster cables etc. I mounted 2 4 fuse, fuse blocks in behind the dash, three 12V outlets on the back of the ashtray, in behind the dash. 2 constant duty, 12V actuated Solenoids. One mounted behind the dash, so I can send power to my Inverter with the flip of a switch and the same to my aux booster cables outside, all through a 100A circuit breaker mounted by the battery.

Sorry about the ****ty photos, Black interior in a poorly lit shop doesn't photograph well.

The Mess! wiring up the inverter, with the centre console taken apart.

More Mess!

Fuse blocks, Outlets and Solenoid

Under the hood, my intelligent charger and Optima Red Top
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my Wheel chocks :S

Underhood solenoid for the aux boosters

My aux booster cable hook up, this way I can boost vehicles, or light heaters (for work) without popping my hood, with the flip of a switch

The quick connects on my booster cables, I think you guys can figure out how this works.

the finished product

notice the mute button for my radar detector by the backup senor button

the blend mount on my radar detector

my boost box plugged into the inverter.
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Here is my plug in set up, when I plug my truck in at night, the intelligent charger is also plugged in with the block heater (thats just a block heater tester on the tripler) so my battery is always strong in the AM. Its also handy for playing music outside or something, just plug the battery charger in and you can literally crank music till the cows come home.

my tote full of spare clothes, and tools, the garbage bags have clothes and boots in them. Its a two man job just about to get it in and out! hahaha.

all loaded up to go to work, the tote, my 174 piece socket set, my back pack and my bucket all ready to rock. I have two straps that I use to tie the stuff down in the back so it doesn't become shrapnel in the event of an accident.

My VHF radio for work, and my two bags full of important stuff hahaha

The tool box

The rims and tires! look at those studs!

my Bluetooth receiver plugged into my OBDII Port and my speaker for my 2 way.

The Antennas.

Now we're getting to the outside pictures. I thought about these a little. I was going to wait and wash it up and blah blah blah. But to be honest, that's not me or the truck. I'm not the kind of guy to wear gel in my hair or white sunglasses. The truck is mainly for working, exploring/hunting/pulling. So why would I wait and take special picture of something its not really good at, being clean. So I took the pictures at work, where it spends all its time.
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the tool box, my 2.5 ton jack, and my other tool box, both tied down with coolant and oil and chains and stuff. 50ft tow rope, 2 wrecking bars, shovels, blah blah blah

There is a pile of tools in there, Basically every socket up to 2 3/4" and every wrench to 2", pipe wrenches (all Ridgid, don't insult me), and spares and all kinds of random stuff. Very very grateful.

The airbags

My cellphone booster interior antenna, there is a little slack in the cord in case I need to pull it down and hold it against the back of my phone while I check fb or F150Forums.

my camburg UCAs, they're in need of a servicing as well, waiting on parts though.
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the left air port for my air bags

So there you have it. I'll try and post more and more as I go. Thanks so much for checking my truck out. I have to say I can't convey exactly how grateful and how blessed I am to be able to have such an amazing truck, and how awesome it has been for me and how fortunate I am to have been able to basically have a rolling shop, in a 4x4 batmobile. Thanks so much.
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Nice truck, seems like you utilize it every single way possible. How do you like that LED bar, is it a 30in?
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Its the Rigid 30, E series you betcha. Big fan, probably some of the best money I ever spent. I literally spend 20 days every 2nd month on night shift, and its a blessing. I`ve had it about a year now, no complaints. Taken some big shots from rocks, willows and even a deep freeze, no damage
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Now theres a truck being used what its made for... WORK
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Cheapshot (11-07-2012)
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Considering its a work truck its still really nice looking
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Cheapshot (11-07-2012)

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