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srs77 06-07-2014 11:12 AM

The Build of Crush
Well, it's now one week old..... These are the additions so far...

Line-X bedliner
Remote Start
Bed Hooks
Engine Cover
Her Badge :)

Truck was named by my youngest son who happens to love Orange Crush. When he saw the truck for the first time he named her...

More to come, will be a slow process as the pocket book allows but here she is at this point.

Bed Liner

Bed Hooks

Engine Cover

Remote Start

Her Badge

To come....

Booster Bars (should be in today or Monday)
Window tinting (door windows)
Weather Tech Floor Matts (harsh winters here)

We'll see from there....

Here's a couple more shots of her..

Thanks for looking!

srs77 06-14-2014 06:29 PM

Boost Bars added...

jedeckert1984 06-14-2014 07:19 PM

Looks good man. The Booster bars clean it up a lot.

srs77 06-14-2014 07:47 PM


Originally Posted by jedeckert1984 (Post 3548097)
Looks good man. The Booster bars clean it up a lot.

Thanks, yes I agree. The tech who did the installation told me that they're becoming almost common as one of the first mods drivers are doing or having done when they purchase the ecoboost.

Almost a necessity as it not only finishes the front end but also protects the intercooler from rocks and what not...

Red13 06-14-2014 08:01 PM

Truck looks good.

nfldfordman 06-14-2014 08:56 PM

awesome truck

srs77 06-15-2014 05:56 PM

Weathertech Floor Mats added today... Not supposed to be a father's day present (didn't want anything) but the boys and my wife knew I'd do this anyway :thumbsup:

I've had Weathertechs on my vehicles in the past and love them. I know some like them some don't some think they're overpriced but they just work for me. So, happily, on they went.. Another mod down... albeit a small one ;)

srs77 06-29-2014 06:28 PM

Thanks all.. With a little design work in photoshop and then sending them out to be produced I added side badges under the 4x4 badge. Being my youngest son named her I knew he'd get a kick out of these.

Created vinyl badges for under the 4x4 badge for my truck. My youngest son named her Crush (Sunset Metallic so Orange Crush). I knew he'd get a kick out of it if I badged her that way...

Work done in Photoshop and then sent off to be produced. Put them on last night.

I know not all like the standard 4x4 badges, I don't mind them so I just enhanced the overall appearance with this addition.

Zax 07-15-2014 02:51 PM

Trucks coming a long nicely! Like the name, very fitting for this color.

07.SuperchargedHD 07-15-2014 03:11 PM

Looks sweet, I like what you did with the vinyl. What company did you use for this?

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