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95_F150_5.slow 05-12-2014 06:01 AM

95 F150 5.SLooooow Build
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Hey folks!
This is my build for my 1995 F150 5.0 XLT extended cab short bed.

Today I did my first modifications to my truck:

I replaced the low quality aftermarket head unit that came in it with an older (around 2007 model) Panasonic radio that has circulated through my vehicles. It is an awesome radio. I worked for Fry's Electronics back in the day as a mobile electronics installer and then was appointed to run the whole car audio department. A total of six years in the industry. Panasonic radios, when they were sold in the US, were some of the best I'd ever seen in my time.
I also replaced the front speakers with some Polk Audio DB651 coaxial speakers purchased at Fry's today.

I'm gonna start trying to revive some performance for my truck tomorrow so I wanted to start this build thread tonight.

This is my truck as currently is today.

Attachment 525272

Tomorrow I pick up my package from Summit Racing.
I got:
MSD cap and rotor, MSD Blaster ignition coil, 9mm Ford Racing plug wires, Accel spark plugs, Motorcraft oil and fuel filters, Goodyear upper and lower radiator hoses, Bosch o2 sensor, and Flowmaster Super 44 stainless steel muffler with single 2.5" in and out .

I also purchased a dual 2" in and single 2.5" out high flow CAT earlier this week.

Right now it is true dual cat-less straight pipe. It sounds pretty cool, but I need it legal (I failed AZ emissions :censored:) and I appreciate back pressure.... A lot.

I will take before and after pictures to post, but the truck will go in for exhaust work first thing in the morning. I plan on having it be a single out before the rear tire on the passenger side.

I will take it to likely fail emissions again tomorrow, but they will exempt me for two years after I fail the second time and spend more that $450 to try and fix it. This is for the best that way the next time I go I'll have it pass with flying colors!

Keep checking back!

Hollabakzach23 05-12-2014 09:48 AM

You got quite a little list started! Truck looks good! Keep us updated

95_F150_5.slow 05-13-2014 02:57 AM

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So here is all of the parts I got! It was like Christmas!

Attachment 525195

Then I got to the exhaust shop. Look at these terrible welds on the straight pipe.

Attachment 525196
Attachment 525197
Attachment 525198

And the new setup.
Attachment 525199

All was well, I went to emissions and failed though but almost passed. They then lead to explain to me how complicated getting the two year exemption was and that it can only be done once in the lifetime of a vehicle.

What is failing was the fuel pressure test...

Don't all laugh too hard now.
So I went to fill up with gas after and I was going to fill my still unused front tank and I decided to look under the truck....
The filler neck isn't even connected to the tank!
It's just chillin' there!
I feel like an idiot hehe.

Apparently I need to let my CAT break in too. At least that's what the emission tester told me. I almost passed the NOX portion (I don't know what the measurement is) it got a 4.23 and I needed 4.0 but it is down from 6.63 the first time.

The ignition install went well though. I will take a picture of the engine bay.

Also, I changed the air filter with a cheap STP one (I want to buy the k&n setup when I have the $), upper and lower radiator hoses, thermostat, o2 sensor, and oil with a Motorcraft filter and Castrol GTX high mileage because it was on sale.
I changed the PCV valve and inspected and replaced some broken vacuum lines.

Check back for pictures!

95_F150_5.slow 05-13-2014 03:06 AM

Soooo I went to my in-laws house this evening and I guess in their neighborhood ran over a bolt! So I had to leave the truck there. I came home and my leveling spacers are in. Tomorrow after work I'm going to go install them there. Then I'll have to limp it over to the Discount Tire about a quarter mile away and get some 33's. Going with the cheapest option they have, Falken Rocky Mountain ATS 33/12.5/15 at $155/tire. A friend of mine has them on his Dakota and they are really nice.

Also, my exhaust is really reaaaally quiet. Anyone know why? It's a Magnaflow high flow CAT and the Flowmaster Super 44 all with 2.5 inch piping exiting in front of the passenger side rear tire. The back pressure is great, but it is soo quiet. Will it get louder after being driven a while?
Let me know what y'all think.

95_F150_5.slow 05-15-2014 11:56 AM

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Here is the situation I was in....

Attachment 525056

But it's oky because it did give me the excuse to be able to get new tires and install the front leveling kit. It was tough because I had to install it here in front of there house and away from my garage.

I was very very excited for the tires.

Attachment 525057

Then it ended up being too low in the front still for 33's even after the level.

Attachment 525058

The place was already 30 minutes past their closing time and I was desperate to get this done I had them just revers the truck out of the bay and had to run home to get some demo tools to make the truck able to turn. (I now know just how well these old bastards are built. That was a pain to bend those fenders temporarily.

After some bad abuse I did eventually get it home and trimmed the fenders and the bumper a bit.

Attachment 525059

Here she is this morning completely drivable.

I need to get so fender flares or covers to be able to "clean up" the cuts.
I'll probably just run it like this until I can afford a better lift and replace with some other stock fenders or save up the coin for the fiberglass set.

redneckfordf2502002 05-15-2014 07:20 PM

Looks like a nice truck. Is it 4x4 I can't tell by the pics?
Also I am an Arizonan also.

95_F150_5.slow 05-16-2014 03:46 PM

No it's only rwd. Hopefully I pass emissions today. I fixed what I believe to be all of this trucks issues. It's running really well now. Last thing it needs is an alignment. Where in AZ you from Trav?

redneckfordf2502002 05-17-2014 02:27 PM

I am in snowflake up in northern white mountains Arizona.
Good luck on emissions.

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