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pete7996 08-06-2013 11:50 PM

2004 to 2013 bed swap
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After three bad repairs from two different body shops for rust bubbles on the rear wheel wells of my 04 xlt i bit the bullet and bought a new take off 2013 bed off ebay. Then had the cab,fenders, and hood repainted. What do you think? I know the wheel wells are not the same but it is not that noticable

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Reedypetey 08-06-2013 11:54 PM

i have never thought of this. wow. Im scared my paint wouldnt match up if it did it. ultimately how much did it cost

Reedypetey 08-06-2013 11:57 PM

Better yet gimme the whole run down on how this worked. extra holes? paint mach up? twilight pig tails the same? Cause i really want to do mine now along with maybe the 09+ headlight mod

pete7996 08-07-2013 12:12 AM

well it started out as a fix the bubbles on the wheel wells. then it was a paint the whole truck and re re fix the wheel wells,then the bubbles came back two weeks after my brand new paint job so they fixed it again under warranty about a month ago and they are starting to pop up again now. that cost more than the new bed. i got the bed off ebay last sat for $2200 its a brand new take off with the step in the gate,drove from ny to ct to get it on sunday $300,new bolts $22,new nuts $24. Im a mechanic so I swapped it my self at work today so that just cost me my time. but it was a straight swap. no mods to put it on other than the wiring for the lights. I just cut the plug off my old harness and wired it onto the new harness.

pete7996 08-07-2013 12:22 AM

the color is spot on. its extremely hard to tell its not the same. I even like the wheel wells being different, I think it adds a little bit of a muscular look to the rear of the truck. I am in love with the looks of the 09 and ups anyway but didnt want to spend the money for a new one now I have the look I wanted, and the best part is I have a rust free truck

smcox1 08-07-2013 12:44 AM

That actually looks really good you could also change the front clip now.

avvblanc01 08-07-2013 01:00 AM

whoa i had no idea you could do that! looks killer!

Reedypetey 08-07-2013 02:19 AM

Originally Posted by smcox1 (Post 2885876)
That actually looks really good you could also change the front clip now.

front clip?

smcox1 08-07-2013 08:52 AM

fenders, hood, grille, headlights, bumper

Mrocha85 08-07-2013 10:02 AM

Looks much better! I'm considering doing a raptor conversion on mine. Glad to see more and more people successful in their conversions.

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