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patclarke 04-21-2013 06:37 AM

05 Fx4 Prerruner build
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About Me
My name is Pat and, I can barely change my own oil. That is to say that I know just about nothing when it comes to mechanics. I have also never even seen a prerruner in real life. I live in Idaho but currently work in Afghanistan. I always loved reading and looking at pics of prerruners. Well one day I was offered a job that paid me over 6x what I was making. So I paid off all my bills and thought Im going to buy a SVT Raptor. Then I thought well I donít want to get crazy and spend all my money when I have a perfectly great 05 f150 at home waiting for me. So I decided that I would put a wide body kit and paint for about $7k into my truck and call it a day. Well then after I saw how wide the kit was I had to buy a suspension set up that would widen the stance. Then I was told I would need bigger tires so it didnít look dumb. Then new gears for the bigger tires and more power so CIA and exhaust. Lol so any ways being 24 years old I somehow went from thinking this would only cost about $7k to it actually being more like $30k. I wanted everything to be done right and did not want to skimp or take shortcuts. I will most likely never prerunn a race. Itís going to be more of a Daily Driver that has the ability to Prerunn races, because I donít want my truck to be a poser.

Check List
[X] Install bed sides
[X] Install one piece front end
[X] Install 09+ head lights
[ ] Install 09+ tail lights
[ ] Paint truck
[ ] Install long travel front suspension
[ ] Install long travel rear suspension
[ ] Mount new wheels and tires
[ ] Install 4.88 gears front and back
[ ] CAI Install
[ ] Install full exhaust
[ ] Install power chip
[ ] Install Skid plate
[ ] Install suspension seats with 5 point harness

Paint Color
M7220A SZ Blue Flame Metallic (With high gloss clear)
Flat black

Q & A
Q. Why not just buy a Raptor?
A. For the same reason I didnít buy a Mustang. I didnít want a Raptor. My truck may have some Raptor
accents but my truck is much more purpose built and unique for about half the cost.
Q. What did your truck start out as?
A. 2005 Fx4 Supercab 5.4L V8 Triton
Q. I noticed that you had the SVT wheel packaged but replaced it, why?
A. The previous owner had the SVT wheel package installed. I donít like the Idea of having SVT
Emblems and stickers on a none SVT truck. It makes me feel like a poser.
Q. Why do this build on a 4x4 instead of a 2x4?
A. When I purchased the truck I had no plans to do a prerunner build it just kind of happened
so I worked with what I had?
Q. Will you retain 4x4?
A. Yes. I am not sure how it will work out but I would love to be able to race with 4x4 at speeds
of 100MPH. Just so I have more control of the truck.

Parts List So Far

Fiberwerx 04-12 f150 to raptor extreme 1 piece plus all upgrades to include Hood Pins, Latches, OEM Honeycomb Raptor Grill
-Link =
-Price = $1,435

Fiberwerx 04-2012 ford f150 to raptor conversion bedsides plus Fuel Door Mold upgrade
-Link =
-Price = $530

Tiregate 04-12 ford f150 standard bed pr series
-Link =
-Price = $895

ATX Artillery Teflon Coated Wheels 17x9
-Link =
-Price = $1065

T-Rex 51567 X-Metal Studded Mesh Side Vent Black Powdercoat Aluminum 2 pc
-Link =
-Price = $294.50

-Link =
-Price = $120.95

-Link =
-Price = $189.04

37x12.5R17 BFG Mud-Terrain KM2
-Link =
-Price = $2500 (about I canít remember and I canít find the receipt)

Parts list Things to come
Brenthel 04-08 Ford F150 4WD Long Travel Race Kit
-Link =
-Price = $8113

Brenthel 04-08 Ford F150 4WD Long Travel Race Kit (for the rear end)
-Link = None
-Price = $3000

Corbeau Baja XP Suspension Seats
-Link =
-Price = $1196

Corbeau 3-Inch 5-Point Harness belts
-Link =
-Price = $596
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patclarke 04-21-2013 06:40 AM

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More Pics

patclarke 04-21-2013 06:43 AM

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Even More Pics

patclarke 04-21-2013 06:46 AM

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And more

patclarke 04-21-2013 06:49 AM

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patclarke 04-21-2013 06:52 AM

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patclarke 04-21-2013 06:54 AM

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patclarke 04-21-2013 06:57 AM

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The pics of the Tires are of the 35x12.5R17 that I returned and replaced for the 37x12.5R17s

GOLDENBRONZEXTR 04-21-2013 12:10 PM

looks good, cant wait to see it finished

ENVS 04-21-2013 01:54 PM

Wow, this is going to be sick!

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