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AricsFX 05-28-2014 03:10 AM

Therealdougkelly-kenwood headunit
Well don't know where to start but here goes. First, the head unit wouldn't fire up at all, just went into protect mode. then after chasing that gremlin, the head units bluetooth functions dont work, ALL THREE ZONES of rca pre amps are FRIED and the gps is spotty.

seller won't do anything and won't give my money back after i paid 360 for the unit and another 600 in labor to get the damn thing to even turn on. :censored:

AricsFX 06-16-2014 01:39 AM

"First of all, the item I sold the buyer was handled by certified professionals from Best Buy who did all of the install/uninstalling of the equipment. Not some "Joe Shmo" at the auto shop. So I know that the item was handled well and taken care of on my end.Second, I have several emails from the buyer (which are available if needed) where he first states that the radio is "fried" (which I know is not true) yet I still offered to help. However, minutes later he states that it does in fact turn on.. Yet he still asks for a refund! What a fraud! Moments later, he states - and I quote - "the harness you sent me is missing a piece, or something I have no idea. Looks like the unit works, I'll keep you posted!" Isn't it funny how the story changed so quickly?!6 days later he writes to me that suddenly "nothing is working" and threatens to file a claim with PayPal. It is obvious that the buyer isn't telling the truth and wants a free stereo/ nav unit. His claim states that he spent nearly a grand getting it to "work". This old unit isn't even worth half of that. Personally, if I were going to spend a grand on a car stereo and installation, it would be brand spanking new with a factory warranty.So here we are and I am escalating this claim to a dispute. Again, I have all conversations with the buyer stating that the unit does work and can be made available upon request."

Just wanted to post this BS up to how bad he is handling this. I spent massive amounts of money having the top audio shop in denton to deal with my install, and they aren't some "joe shmo" audio installer. I dont want your crappy broken unit for free. I sent it back to you last week, and DID buy a new unit with a warranty! thanks for being absolutely unwilling to work with me!

SlimChaChi 06-17-2014 10:50 AM

if you sent it back i would imagine you getting some, if not all your money back. paypal is pretty reasonable but make sure you keep track of all your emails. but it does look like you stated the unit worked which could hurt you in the long run....and the fact that you spent $1000 for an install is a bit much, especially if the unit is not even worth half of that....the shop you went to should have been able to test it prior to doing a full install. hopefully you got some sort of a discount when buying the new one and having it installed, if at the same shop.

AricsFX 06-18-2014 04:57 AM

I didn't actually spend 1000 on the install, it was 1000 total including the head unit. They tested it, and by the time they were able to get it to turn on none of the RCA inputs had any output, bluetooth wouldn't pair to about 6 different phones, and the gps signal seemed to never be connected. they said I'm getting a refund, I'm just waiting on it.

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