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Tasca ford parts

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Default Tasca ford parts

A word of caution when ordering from TASCAPARTS.COM Their pricing may look good but when it comes to the shipping costs, their quoted shippings costs, especially for larger items are not fixed. I ordered a bed mat for my Raptor and they came back to me and wanted an additional $25 on top of the quoted shipping. They said pay it or we cancel the order. They even admited in an e-mail to me that their third party shipping system made a mistake on the shipping price, and still Tasca refused to honor it.

I will NEVER order from them again. Carefull..........
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I just bought a motor for the convertable top on my wife's mustang. My local dealer quoted 340 bucks, another dealer quoted 310. I bought it from Tasca for 140 plus 16 dollars shipping.
You had a bad experience, they have a minimal mark up on parts and therefore can't afford to take a hit on misquoted freight. Stuff happens. Tasca is by far the best place to buy Ford parts IMO.
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Sounds like you had the option to cancel at any time. Doesn't sound like much of a risk to me. Everyone makes mistakes once in a while. Not sure you cal call that an ethics issue unless you see it as a pattern. You probably should give them another chance and order more stuff. Bottom dollar is bottom dollar and I like a good deal.
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For future reference, threads like this belong in the "Purchase Experience" section under trades and sales, not in the technical sections.
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Wow, I am sorry guys but I have to chime in here. All of you know who have done business with us that I will go above and beyond to help out a customer. Before you listen to what this customer has to say I think you should know the facts.

Before you even hear the facts, please read our shipping policy.

Estimated Shipping: Shipping charges are estimated at 9% of the total order amount. The minimum shipping expense will be $10.00. Certain outlying zipcodes are subject to an additional $2.00 shipping charge. However, the freight amount will be the actual freight charged by the carrier. UPS, Fed-Ex or USPS. In such cases that freight exceeds 15%, you will be notified for prior approval before shipping. If you are ordering a large item (such as bumpers, hoods, grille etc..) or a heavy item (such as brake rotors, sway bars, truck mirrors etc..) please call for a shipping quote. For small items that are expensive (sensors or modules) the computer will calculate the freight higher than the actual freight costs (on average a 1 pound package will cost anywhere from $9.00 - $13.00 to ship depending on where you live and the amount of insurance that needs to be put on the item) please call, email or use our Online Chat if you would like an accurate freight quote.

Customer ordered a bedmat which cost $91.07 and weighs 35 lbs. and our shopping cart which gives an estimate on shipping quoted $10 which is way to low.

You were sent this e-mail.

This is Ben from the Tasca sales office in regards to your order. Our Octane site under quoted your shipping cost.
You were charged $10.00, however due to the bulk of your item shipping is going to be $35.00.
If you wish to approve the additional charges please reply to this email and we'll ship your order immediately.

Thank You,
Tasca Automotive

This is your reply

This is not acceptable....We have a agreed to contracted price.
Your website stated a price, I based my decision on that price and chose not to buy
another liner because of it. I lost that other opportunity.

Any other store, by law, honors their advertised and contracted prices.
I ordered this last Friday night and have been waiting a while.
now I will have to wait even longer due to this dispute.
Please honor your shipping price.


I'm sorry John but we only charge 10% over our cost which is not a very large profit margin and we are very fair with our pricing.

thank you,
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^ Sounds pretty reasonable to me....
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And John, we never charged you. You ordered, we ordered the part. When it came in it was packed up and weighed and went to our billing department to get shipped. When we went to bill it and the freight charge was insufficient, we e-mailed you to inform you about the difference in freight and asked you to pay the additional funds if you wanted to complete the order. If you read our shipping policy, it clearly states this exact situation. Hopefully we can try to do business in the future again..

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Was doing a search for HD lights and came across this forum. After reading this I had to give my 2 cents. I have been dealing with TASCAPARTS.COM for a couple years now and have had nothing but a great experience with these guys. Part prices are excellent as well as shipping costs and their policy is VERY reasonable. Sorry to hear about your experience but it is clearly stated that shipping costs will be factored in on larger items.
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I understand that you're frustrated, but the "Buying Anything 101" handbook says to be CAREFUL and check policies before you purchase or complain(;

Shipping procedure and policy
: When ordering a part it is a three step process,

1. After placing your order you will get a confirmation of receiving your order with an order number. It is a good idea to print this confirmation for your records.
2. The order is then checked for accuracy and availability of parts, then you will receive a confirmation of your order being processed. If there is an inaccuracy in part number or price you will receive an additional e-mail notifying you of the discrepancy, the order then will remain in pending status until you approve or cancel the order.
Orders where there was no vehicle identification number (V.I.N.) given will only be checked for price accuracy and will be shipped as is and the accuracy of the parts are the responsibility of the buyer.
3. After your part(s) are ready for shipment, your credit card will be billed and you will receive a confirmation of shipment with a tracking number linked to the shippers web page for easy tracking.

All orders received before 2:00 PM EST will be processed that same day, all processed orders where all parts are in stock the order will be shipped that same day.
On orders where parts must be ordered, the fill time is two to three business days on most orders. Business days do not include weekends or holidays.
All orders received after 2:00 PM EST will be processed the next business day.
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I agree with the rest on the fact that there was ample time to cancel and that it was all stated in there policies. I see nothing wrong with what went on.
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