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outbacktaz 06-14-2011 12:03 AM

Cold Lake Ford - Beware
So I bought a 2011 screw FX4 Ecoboost from Cold Lake Ford. So far so good, 24 hours after I signed the paperwork, the truck was delivered.

Being in the military, I had to leave for 4 weeks 2 days after delivery. I go home with the truck, and notice 2 scratches on the back of the cab, right across the bed, on both sides, like someone had put an air line across the bed. It took them 5 weeks to fix it...!

Then I order the 1000$ accessories from them, they schedule an appointment, but they " forgot" to order the part, so I had to rebook...!

While I'm there the second time around, the service guy backs into another truck, even with a radar and a camera...! Result, broken stop light and caved in rear bumper. They changed the light, but covered up the bumper... After that, I noticed that the freshly installed mud flap in the right rear is crooked and they forgot to install a screw in the front wheel well, so the protective cover is flailing in the wind...!

All this on a $55k truck!! Thanks Arschloch!!!

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