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Issue: How To: Spark plug change-2004-2008 5.4 3V V8

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How To: Spark plug change-2004-2008 5.4 3V V8

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Turned out a little rougher than expected. Was hoping for the best but planned for the worst. Broke 7 out of 8 plugs. The Lisle tool saves lives, haha. I think my least favorite part was when the nut would spin on the ceramic, and you have to break the plug loose with a screwdriver and use a long needlenose to grab the plug. If they break like that on the back cylinders, have fun with that needlenose trying to grab the plug.

Here's what I tried: Hot engine, 1/2" Impact with 1/2" extensions to reducer to swivel spark plug socket. Started on Drivers side front. Broke first one, broke second one, third one zipped right out. Broke the back one, then went to the Passenger side. Broke the first one, then decided to try the soak method on the last 3. Cracked them loose a tiny bit, then sprayed carb cleaner and PB Blaster in the holes, it started boiling. So I let those 3 sit while I used the extractor on the other plugs. After a couple hours messing around with that, I went back to the 3 soaked plugs. Tried very carefully working the first one back and forth a ton, and thought maybe I had it, but nope, it was broke. So, hit the next one with the impact, yep broke as well. The last plug I couldn't get a good angle with the impact, so just worked it back a few times with the ratchet, then said screw it and just went for it. It broke too. Oh well.

I don't really have many tips. But just plan plenty of time, or plan to be down for a day or two in case you get frustrated and need a break. Make sure you have all sorts of extensions and adapters. You will want to have an extra long needlenose for sure. Good light is key to see what you can. Clean out very well with compressed air MULTIPLE times. Oh yeah, wanted to mention, when you extract the broken piece it can be VERY hard to get it off the extraction tip! I had to put the tool into my big vise, then heat the tip with a propane torch, then clamp a visegrip with good teeth onto the tip, then twist it off. Just to get plugs out took me about 4 hours.

I don't have the new plugs in yet, will be putting them in tonight. First, I'm going to use a micro camera to put down in the hole and take a look at my pistons the best I can. Plan is to do Phasers and all that jazz next and figure if I need to do any pistons I might as well use the cheap parts and dump the truck.

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