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Budget by-pass oil filter system

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Originally Posted by otto457 View Post
Personally I would have dumped the oil and started over just because of the silicon. Iron should trend with wear, but you can see the silicon is slightly excellerating that wear. TBN stayed in a good range though with the 1 qt change. I'd probably go with dumping it all when you see contaminates reach a certain point. Seems to be working for you though. Those Amsoil Ea filters aren't cheap though.
I thought that the silicon would have continued to get worse but it leveled off after the 5th or 6th sample point. Not sure why.

The Ea filters are definitely not cheap. My first order was for a bunch of Ea standard filters (I think 5) - only to realize that the by-pass kit takes a different size standard filter than the one that would normally go on the truck without a by-pass system installed. Those extra filters are still sitting on my shelf because I forget to bring them with me when I go to pick up the extra supplies every 6 months or so.

For me, I justify the added cost based on getting 250K out of a truck. If that gets me 6 months more life out of a vehicle, then that's 6 months of new truck payments I'm saving.
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Update: I've put over 100K on the 2010 4.6, so it was time for me to move on. I was never happy knowing the motor was a reman, but it proved to be reliable and got steady 19\23 mpg. By-pass filter got put back on after the warranty ran out and it kept my oil changes to 25K and the by-pass filter change at 50K. I tried the oil lab service once, it told me the same as looking at the oil...looks good.

I decided to replace the 2010 with a 2014 F150 5.0 after driving the Chevy & Dodge. Wife liked the Ford too. We take trips in the F150 instead of her 2014 Escape SE 2.0 EB.

Lesson learned in this exercise: it was worth my efforts to put a by-pass system on for me, as it extended the timeframe between changes. Even at 25K, the oil "looked" clean. I cut a by-pass filter apart...it was CERTAINLY doing its job as it was BLACK. But, if you're not a DIY'r, this "fun" is probably not worth your time.

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