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Pmbaseball24 10-13-2018 11:22 PM

170 degree thermostat in a 5.0? Anyone?
Getting ready to pull the trigger on installing a 5 star tune in my 2015 f150 5.0. Seems like these are installed (or maybe documented) more in ecoboost engines. I live in Arizona where we rarely see temps that ever cross under 32 degrees, so warming up isnít an issue. Iím looking for the tune primarily for the shifting and throttle lag benefits. I was interested in swapping to the 170 degree thermostat for keeping temps down while towing when it is 105+ out here. My truck doesnít get used in any sort of racing applications. Does anyone have any real world experience you would be willing to share? I hear this can also help keep transmission temps down? One thing Iím curious about... does this just prolong the time it takes to get the engine up to normal operating temperature, or does it keep the temperatures down for a sustained period of time?

any and all help is appreciated!

redneck wrencher 10-14-2018 07:38 AM

I have been running the 5 Star tunes/ 170* thermostat combo for just over 1-1/2 years now and 5 Star tunes since 3 months after the truck's purchase in Jan 2014. While I didn't do any extensive data logging prior to the stat install and tune update, I have seen that my coolant temp maxes out at 183* and remains constant even when towing a 6k travel trailer. The reduced heat also helps with tranny and intake temperatures. The lower temp reduces detonation tendencies and allows for more timing and an increase in power. I have even seen fuel mileage increases when towing; while unloaded remained near the same. I live in the southeastern gulf coast area of Texas and we see our share of hot days. I have seen no negatives with the lower temps; only the positives described above.

Pmbaseball24 10-14-2018 10:09 AM

Great information. Just what Iím looking for! Glad to hear you have had good luck with yours. Those are the temps I would love to be able to maintain.
On a side note, can anyone explain why a 170 stat can keep his truck at 183 degree operating temps, however with the stock 190 stat, I have seen temps rise up to 230-235?

170 up to 183
190 up to 230

redneck wrencher 10-14-2018 11:00 AM

It is my understanding that the coolant temp parameter is "inferred" by the cylinder head temp reading and is a PCM calculation. The two readings are related to each other and, therefore, should "follow" each other in changes. Also, the restriction diameter of the thermostat usually changes with thermostat temperature rating and not just the poppet opening. The opening size will affect coolant flow and alter the cooling rate as is passes through the radiator. My max reading was read "live" during various occasions and only during driving at cruising speeds; loaded/ unloaded--a/c on. I have not monitored under all conditions and do not mean to mislead you that it could not rise above that. I just haven't seen it yet.

Pmbaseball24 10-14-2018 11:20 AM

Don’t worry, you aren’t misleading at all. I understand that none of our information is exact. More or less just taking a glance at the temp gauges under different conditions. Just shocked that you increase +or- 15 degrees and stock jumps +or- 40 degrees. I should add that unloaded I consistently see 200-205 coolant temps which would be on par with your increase.

Does anyone else have any real world towing feedback with the 170?

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