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FX4 - Life 02-17-2014 02:58 PM

New 2015 Raptor
Does anyone have any info on the new Raptor? Are they going to wait a year till they release it?

RDFTS 02-22-2014 11:48 AM

There will be no 2015 raptor. Its all speculative about anything past that. Rumor is 2016 but nothing official.

FX4 - Life 02-26-2014 09:34 PM

Yeah thats what i figured would happen. Do you know they are improving the engine specs for it?

Lord-of-Ford 03-01-2014 02:19 AM

Since 6.2 missing from 2015 engine line up it will be interesting to see what engine Ford will go with.

One thing for sure, Ford will definitely bring the Raptor back. Too popular not to.

sbuckland 03-02-2014 06:11 AM

I've heard it's going to be the eco boost motor in them and returning in 2017 accord to ford

WarSurfer 03-02-2014 09:45 AM

powerboatr 03-02-2014 07:36 PM

for the volume of raptors sold there should not a be an issue with placing the 6.2 in there or supercharging the 5.0 like we shall see in the mustang

it will just keep paying the gas guzzler tax and move on

FX4 - Life 03-03-2014 10:29 AM

Yeah, if they ecoboost the 5.0, it would put out better gas milage and more power than the 6.2, i feel like thats what ford is going to create next.

KILOFINAL 03-05-2014 05:50 PM

Maybe this is a stupid idea, but what about the Raptor with the improved Powerstroke 6.7L? I just read that is has 860 lb/ft of torque.

IceCreamSammich 03-08-2014 10:17 AM

Too heavy. And a 8k additional price bump.

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