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03f15012 06-17-2014 04:50 PM

6/28 Red's Ice House meet!
Alright, having another meet in the lowcountry! We are going to be eating at Moose's Famous BBQ in Summerville. The address is 115 E 5th street N if you need it. If you're familiar with the area, its the old Pizza Inn behind Checkers. We're going to be shooting for 1:30, so just post up if you're going to be here. If you have an F150Forum shirt, bring it along. I'll be wearing mine, and Lenn most likely his.<br />
<br />
I've noticed we've been getting a few more Charleston area members as of late, so i figured we could make it a little bigger than last time. Hope to see ya all there!

03f15012 06-17-2014 04:57 PM

Figured I'll let the members be known...

[MENTION=10138]Lenn[/MENTION] [MENTION=185852]Bug Little[/MENTION] [MENTION=143808]Shane361[/MENTION] [MENTION=185889]OTFin843[/MENTION] [MENTION=146349]goneFXcrazy[/MENTION] [MENTION=175657]Louisiana1[/MENTION]

May have missed a couple... not sure.

Jackedup00 06-17-2014 06:10 PM

How about everyone just comes to the middle of the state to go mudding? I'm in!

Lenn 06-18-2014 03:25 PM

I'm excited. Even if nobody shows up, I still will destroy some Moose's BBQ.

Funny little side note about moose's, notice how similar their sign is to Famous Dave's? It's nearly identical.

03f15012 06-18-2014 03:58 PM

Never payed any attention... Have go look it up now. XD

Anyway, GoneFXcrazy said he was going to be down here the weekend of the 28th, so he should be there.

OTFin843 06-21-2014 05:14 AM

Count me in with a few friends, do they serve beer at this fine establishment?

03f15012 06-21-2014 08:50 AM

Awesome! I don't know, but I'd be baffled if they didnt. Lenn has been there before, so he should know for certain.

Jus Jim 06-21-2014 10:17 AM

I was just trying to look them up online. tripadvisor, yelp and urbanspoon all list them as being closed down.
May not be accurate, I didn't try calling.

03f15012 06-21-2014 10:22 AM

The place has changed names in the past a bit. It went from a pizza inn, to another pizza place, and now mooses. Lenn lives in Summerville, so he should know. Who knows though? I don't go to Summerville that often anymore.

I am starting to see though. There are some recent reviews from this month, so not sure. They did move from monks corner though. You aren't in the area, are you? If you are, you're more than welcome to come out.

Lenn 06-21-2014 07:38 PM

I don't think they serve alcohol. As for closed down, I don't think they are but I'll check when I get back home Wednesday.

I was just there a couple weeks ago.

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