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Brewskey 06-19-2014 03:39 PM

Transport Canada/Cam Phasers
I was just talking to Transport Canada about the infamous cam phaser issue with our trucks and all the damage that is caused with in the engine from them. I also talked to them and explained how the truck wants to stall on you when you come to a stop in an intersection. I had this happen to me where the timing went retarded when coming to a stop at an intersection with my kids in the car!!!! :censored:

This issue also happened with my wife on a couple of different occasions and to me this is a major safety issue that needs to be addressed. With the car stalling at an intersection or try to get through one can cause a serious accident and even death. Toyota recalled their cam phasers but Ford feels it is more important to recall floor mats than the cam phasers that are in several million trucks.

Here is the link to Transport Canada, , together we can maybe have Ford take responsibility for this rather than us the consumer.

If you are in the U.S.A. it wouldn't hurt to talk to your government and have this looked at, The more people the better:thumbsup:

Cutless009 06-19-2014 03:46 PM

I'm pretty sure there's not a governing body in the US that would give 2 plug nickels about the troubles Ford owners have with their trucks.

I hope it's better in Canada.

Brewskey 06-19-2014 03:54 PM

What about the fact that people can be seriously injured or killed in an accident !!

I am sure they may reconsider, we are not talking about a rusty fender, we are talking about what makes the engine run. The way I look at it if there is a paper trail about a complaint and they did nothing about it and god for bid something happens....... you know where I am going with this. It doesn't hurt to take a couple of minutes out of your day i feel to try!!!

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