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fenza89 01-27-2013 02:08 PM

How smooth is your engine?
hey guys, how smooth does your truck run? like when you are accelerating? i have a 2006 fx4 5.4 and it seems like its got a bit of a "roughness" upon accelerating.

djfllmn 01-27-2013 02:09 PM

Smooth as glass

fenza89 01-27-2013 02:15 PM

yeah i feel like im going crazy. I swear my engine was smooth as glass a few months ago and now it just doesnt feel the same as it did, inless my head is really messing with me. I replaced all splark plugs, new throttle body, fuel injection flush all with dealer parts. Just doesnt seem as smooth as it once did

djfllmn 01-27-2013 02:17 PM

How many miles are on it?

fenza89 01-27-2013 02:19 PM

56k miles

fenza89 01-27-2013 02:21 PM

mabey its a dirty fuel filter or something like that. I have a habit of running it down to empty alot, probably sucked up some dirty or rust from the tank.

djfllmn 01-27-2013 02:24 PM

Clean the MAF sensor....that will cause an issue if it's dirty

techrep 01-27-2013 02:25 PM

56K miles and his fuel tank is rusty already...he's got problems.

fenza89 01-27-2013 02:28 PM

yeah i will try and clean MAF, i haven't done that yet

afg 01-27-2013 03:16 PM

How can I replace the fuel filter

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