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Drive Shaft Lip Seal Leak - Need Help

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Default Drive Shaft Lip Seal Leak - Need Help


My 2006 F150 lip seal is leaking. (red box, ignore yellow area as this isn't my truck) I replaced and the same problem came right back. Any ideas? 2006 Model Screw

I have a 2.5" leveling kit and 3" blocks. (The leak started prior to having either installed @ 36,000 miles just outside of warranty, truck now has 56,000 miles)

Here is an example of the problem I found here on the site. Never received any responses or a solution however.

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Mine is doing the same thing. I've never replaced it tho and I only have 33,000 on my 04. So maybe someone will chime in and help
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Mine does not leak with stock height and 85K miles. I'd have to say it has to do with the seal surface. Perhaps it is grooved when the seal was removed (using a wrong tool?).
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My 2006 is doing the same and I have a 6 inch lift
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Default drive shaft seal

1st grab the shaft right at the slip yoke and try to move it up down or sideways if there is more than just a slight movment then you have a loose or worn bearing. 2nd if it tight pull drive shaft and inspect slip yoke for scoring or burrs very miner scoreing can be pollished with a fine emery cloth. If it is scored bad replace it 3rd replace seal with a quality brand seal not cheap import and use the proper tool to drive in seal..Bubbabud 2011 XLT SC ecoboost
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You beat me to it.

The shaft ends can easily become worn, if replacing the seal doesn't fix it, then there might be a bad yoke or bearing.

Remember to put a light dose of oil on the seat surface when installing, if you installed it dry it might have damaged the seal.
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