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rox-127 01-21-2013 03:44 PM

Battery question
So this might be a dumb question and i know I could probably research it just dont have time as Im home with the kids. Im going to buy a new battery today as mine is showing me signs of quitting on me. Do I need to do the "re-learn" process since I have a gryphon and its gonna change it anyway. I just want everything to work the way it should when I hook everything up. Thanks in advance for any advice.

TYM1 01-21-2013 04:39 PM

You should or at least i would
if you have a booster pack you could keep it hooked up to your battery terminals before disconnecting the old battery and the truck won't know any difference as long as it has power

techrep 01-22-2013 07:29 AM

Swapped my dead batt out and did not loose anything...

fireball580 01-22-2013 02:29 PM

I just replaced mine the only problem I had was my fuel level was higher than what I knew I had but it leveled out after about 20 miles or so

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