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Anyone using Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5w40?

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Default Anyone using Shell Rotella T Synthetic 5w40?

Is anyone using this oil? I use it in my motorcycle and have for years. It is rated for diesel and gasoline engines and the thermal breakdown is amazing. After about 5000 miles on the motorcycle, it is at a 5w30 rating. I had it tested some time ago.
How well does it perform in the 5.4l though? The reason that I ask is that I am due for a change this weekend and am thinking of doing the Rotella Synthetic route.

Here are the stats from the Rotella website:
ROTELLA® T Synthetic

Fully synthetic heavy-duty engine oil.

Product Description

Shell Rotella® T Synthetic SAE 5W-40 is a fully synthetic heavy-duty diesel and gasoline engine oil developed especially to meet the requirements of North American driving.

The exclusive Shell formulation offers users exceptional performance and protection in combination with enhanced fuel economy potential over conventional 15W-40 motor oils. This synthetic multigrade engine oil meets the service requirements of virtually all four cycle diesel and many gasoline engine manufacturers.


Recommended for new and older diesel- and gasoline-powered vehicles, including personal vehicles and commercial vehicles such as on-road, off-the-road, truck rental, pickups, delivery, utility, and school bus fleetsMeets or exceeds the diesel engine requirements of API CI-4 PLUS, Cummins CES 20078, Detroit Diesel, John Deere, Dodge, Ford, GM, International, Mack EO-N Premium Plus 03, Volvo and others; For gasoline engines, it exceeds API SL.

Formulated for multipurpose use, simplifying inventory needsOutstanding wear protection and bearing corrosion control helps maximize engine lifeHelps speed cold starts even with low winter temperaturesEnhanced oxidation stability and soot control, especially at higher temperatures, aids service lifeImproved fuel economy – when compared to conventional SAE 15W-40 oilsProduct is warranted against defect and has performance which meets or exceeds virtually all equipment manufacturer’s engine oil warranty requirements.
Approvals and Recommendations

API CI-4 PLUS, CI-4, CH-4, CG-4, CF-4, CFAPI SL, SJ, SHCummins CES 20078, 20076, 20071Detroit Diesel 7SE 270Mack EO-N Premium Plus ’03, EO-N, EO-M PlusVolvo VDS 2

New CJ-4 spec oil. Says it is a SM rated oil. My motorcycle handbooks say not to use SM rated oils. So I would not use them for my motorcycles anyway.

Shell Rotella® T Synthetic with API CJ -4 Technology

New Shell ROTELLA® T Synthetic. Even better than before.

Experience the latest in engine oil technology for your truck.

Now get the protection you expect from Shell Rotella® T with the added benefits of a full synthetic. With new Shell Rotella® T Synthetic you now get improved fuel-economy potential compared to 15W- 40 oils, outstanding extreme - temperature performance, and better control of wear, deposits and emissions, compared to the previous formulation. Shell Rotella® T. It belongs in your truck.™

Shell Rotella® T Synthetic CJ-4 Technical Data Sheet

Performance Benefits

Improved Wear Performance - Provides a significantly increased level of protection against harmful engine wear when compared to previous generation API CI-4+ engine oils.Improved Deposit Control - The advanced multi-functional dispersant additives in combination with synthetic base oils provide an enhanced level of protection against the effects of soot, dirt and other contaminants.Improved Heat Resistance - Shell Rotella® T Synthetic resists breakdown by heat to provide continuous protection throughout the service interval.Improved Fuel Economy - Use of synthetic SAE5W-40 oils, such as Shell Rotella® T Synthetic, has been shown to be capable of contributing up to 1% improvement in fuel economy in laboratory tests when compared to conventional SAE 15W-40 oils.Protection in Extreme Climates - Shell Rotella® T Synthetic is based on free-flowing synthetic base oils that allow reliable pumping on start-up under cold climate conditions yet remain thick enough even under high temperature operation to protect against wear.

Shell Rotella® T Synthetic with API CJ -4 Technology is for new and older diesel powered vehicles and is suitable for new and older diesel powered vehicles from Class 8 tractor/trailers to heavy-duty diesel pickups, delivery, utility, and school bus fleets.

Shell Rotella® T Synthetic with API CJ -4 Technology meets or exceeds diesel engine requirements of API CJ-4, Cummins, Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, Mack, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Ford. Gasoline engine applications Meets the requirements of API SM
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i know they have a great conventional oil, the regular ole rotella T 10w-30 man that was great oil, not a bad price either, i used it in my ole 95 300, it always came out really clean, loved it i dont know bout this oil, they dont make a 5w-20 do they i would jump all over it lol
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Default Shell Rotella T

Shell does not skimp on their lubricating oils - especially Rotella T of any grade.

Your motorcycle is by far tougher on a motor oil than the 5.4 would ever be. The bike gets hotter, there's a lot less oil in the crankcase that your truck and the transmission mechanically chews the viscosity index improvers like nothing else.

I had a Yamaha XJ1100 that was extremely sensitive to oil - as soon as viscosity breakdown occurred the transmission just would not shift from 1st to 2nd gear. I tried many different types of oil - including synthetics. As they approached 5,000km the transmission would become very hard to shift.

Rotella T 15W-40 was the ONLY oil I tried over 7 years of riding where the trans still shifted smoothly after the 5,000 mark. I still use Rotella T 15W-40 in a Suzuki 1200 Bandit which a own. Mind you this transmission shifts like butter all the time.

I use a 5W-20 grade of oil in my F150 because that is what the specs call for. I change out at 8,000km and the oil looks like it could go a LOT further.
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I used to use Rotella T oil in my VW Vanagon for years; it had a high content of zinc (anti-wear agent), but like all the rest of the oil manufacturers, they lowered it because of the damage zinc will do to catalitic converters.

Don't have any experience with their synthetics.
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I agree with Quat.Im sticking with the 5w-20 synth oil that I use in my 4.6 liter truck.Thats what the manufacturer says,they made the truck&engine.Ive never been comfortable letting oil go to over 5k miles on it regardless what it is.From the old school here....Pete
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