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You need an exhaust because of it's sound?

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Old 08-20-2013, 12:21 AM   #111
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Originally Posted by Team Canada View Post

I rest my case with this reply...... I guess I see what I am up with since I got my 150 and joined this forum. So many of you helped me decide on a 150 this spring, have given me a wealth of information, upgrade ideas, options, etc.
Dude, that absolutely wasn't directed at you! Your original post was a legit question, and I replied in kind with civility. This was more to the butt-hurt crowd who seem more worried about what goes on over the fence. Sorry man, should have been more clear
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Originally Posted by Hunttman01 View Post
Love the sound of a jake brake....

Everything in front of where it broke is intact... cats still there, its a dual set all the way back, one cat per pipe, broken where the cab and box meet
Ah mine happened on a 91 ford so it was a diff setup, ungodly loud plus i still had holes in the floorboard from when i put new seats in. Could barely live with that noise
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Originally Posted by Azuri View Post
Sense makes none.

I'm almost 50 and I love the sound of my V8 and have nothing to prove or have to be accepted in the den. I own my own house I have a management position in world wide manufacturing corporation I've already earned the respect of my peers. I bought my Borla Atak catback because it cost a lot of money that is made of high quality stainless steel with mandrel bent pipes yada yada yada that incidentally I have and can afford purely for it's sound I didn't even care if it gave me a performance increase. My truck was never on dyno and never will be.

LOL and your point is? I'm sure I could find something you blow or waste your cash on but the thing is it shouldn't matter it's not your cash.
[MENTION=141037]Azuri[/MENTION] I'm 48 and love it.

Originally Posted by Koolponycar View Post
O yea, the original question? While hauling crap, A**, pulling a trailer and 2wd'n because I dont have a 4 wd, I have a nice well sounding, louder, here my shift points, all cylinders firing in tune and sweet talk to me when I want you too B**ch, and make my heart pound while putting a big smile on my face kind of exhaust, but yet quiet enough when I want it to be, to look like that old guy going down the road with two hands clamped onto the steering wheel with no idea of whats going on around him. Did I leave anything out?
[MENTION=63607]Koolponycar[/MENTION] LOL...I so love this answer. Yeah. LIKE. LIKE.

Originally Posted by djfllmn View Post
even though i dont use my truck as a ''truck'' i want it to sound good and let others know im coming...same deal with the thunderbird

Flowmaster American thunder F150 - YouTube

68 thunderbird flowmaster exhaust - YouTube
[MENTION=108147]djfllmn[/MENTION] Yeah sounds good too. Love it.
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Originally Posted by ClaySlayer View Post

I don't always modify my exhaust, but when I do, I don't give a damn what Canada thinks!!!
Okay. No attacks on Canada. I have met some cool guys from Canada on this forum whose trucks I admire. Just say you don't give a damn what the OP thinks. Thank you. All, let's be good to one another.
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Originally Posted by ClaySlayer View Post
OK, I got the fact that you won't get the full potential out of an aftermarket air intake running a stock tune but I'm not quite sure what you're getting at with the O2 sensors. Please tell me that's a typo?!?!
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40hp from exhaust? That sounds a little high to me...
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You wanted to know why & how for me here it is:
I'am 51, For Me it all started in my teenage years, grew up around my Dad's Trucks & heavy equipment Dozers and Graders and then Operating them and loved the loud sound and the power.

At 16 my first Exhaust was my 1972 GMC 1/2ton, we put a 350LT1 in and Hooker Headers & Glass Pack Mufflers which were also called Blue Bottles came in 3 size's and I put my exhaust just in front of the rear wheels It was very loud and sounded great!!!!!!!!!! and I was hooked ever since. Not to mention my Brother in-law owned a Garage and sold Superior Muffler, and everyone I knew my age was getting it done, when I was a kid my Dad had a 56 gmc stepside and had dual side pipe's coming up the back of the cab and it was so cool as a kid. So its been around my whole Life since I was a kid, and I loved the sound on my Muscle cars I had, and my buddies trying to out do each other for sound, at that time putting more bends in the snapper it sounded, not realizing the restriction it caused to some that were doing it with the Bends.

I purly love it for the sound and If I gain any Hp or mpg's so much the better, I love the Rappp it makes
I plan to put on Solo Performance Mach duals out the side's with dual tips, like the low quiet exhaust they have, plus I can put a larger spare under there when Im done. Im running 34" now and plan to go bigger.....

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When I was younger I always liked the loud exhaust because it sounded cool but now that I'm older and go on thousand mile road trips I prefer the quietness of stock instead of the constant drone. Wouldn't mind a straight piped weekend warrior, but daily driver, not so much!
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Interesting replies.

Many mod because they enjoy the sound.
A couple mod because they want to make a statement to others (which usually is such a fail)
Few care about perf effect.
Some are really angry.
Some have the beer muscle virus.
Some are still justifying ...
Too funny.

I had a magnaflow on my '06. I cared about getting any performance increase out of that weak engine. My boat was basically a 6000+ lb lead weight to that poor truck.

I woke up the neighbors.

Mashing the pedal to hear an exhaust when the plant itself was weak was, well, weak.

I grew to hate the drone - daily work commute is +50 mi one way.

I love the sound of silence with real power on tap.
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Originally Posted by KP Texan View Post
Lighten up Francis!

My little 3.5L V6 would most likely beat your old engines in HP/TQ across the usable RPM range and do it with much more efficiency to boot (I'm not talking that fake gross horsepower rating either).

Any track you say? How's a desert course sound? I'd be willing to bet that my stock FX4 would kick the crap out of your SRT8.
Wait, let me get this straight- you're saying your FX4 will beat his SRT8 Challenger on the race track?????
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