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Oil monitoring system or Oil change sticker ?

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Old 12-17-2011, 10:11 AM   #1
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Default Oil monitoring system or Oil change sticker ?

im confuse now. the truck come with a oil monitoring system and my dealer is telling me to follow the stickers and not the monitor. im at 9000KM and still havent seen a message in the dash. Can i be blame for warranty or anything if i follow the message screen ? And why is that feature even there if they tell you not to look at it ?

what are your oppinions ? Thx, Pierluc
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I just talked to my dealership because I am at 4637 miles and I have 51% oil life remaining. They recommended that I come in at 5000 miles to have the oil changed and they will reset the oil life monitor to 5000 mile intervals. I know there are a lot of threads on this forum about oil changes and why not just follow the monitor, but I look at it like this oil is the blood flowing through your motor. Would it hurt to wait til 10k probably not especially with the oil cooler, but for the small preventive cost of an oil change for my truck that I plan on keeping for quite a while I'll go with the 5k as recommended. Everyone is different and opinions will definitely vary. Just search this forum and you will see. Good luck.
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Oh boy, here we go again!
Your dealer would love for you to drop by regularly for oil changes and the Intelligent Oil Life Monitor keeps that from happening! So naturally, he may dis the iolm and try to bring you in early.

That said, I am a Luddite and still do oil changes around 5k miles but that is starting to change. The iolm on the wife's EB Platinum is at 20% and I am so busy I probably won't get to it until after Christmas!

By my Luddite standard I am wrecking my engine, but the truck iolm (and Fords engineers) say there is plenty of life left in my lubricant.

That's a mighty comfortable cushion knowing deep down inside the truck is fine even though I can't maintain my somewhat rigid standards!

Most important thing: use top quality oil and filters - no cheap stuff.
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My dealer said the opposite. He said to just never exceed 10,000 miles (what it says in the manual). As long as you follow the manual with the 10,000 mile limit then your warranty should be good. From what I understand the oil life mechanism is pretty accurate and it will never tell you to go beyond 10,000 miles... but will tell you to get one early if your usage or the temps indicate it. So, I'm just going to follow the oil life indicator and be mindful not to exceed 10,000 miles.
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Old 12-17-2011, 11:29 AM   #5
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For years I have been changing my oil every 3000 miles, now I see 5000 on the oil change sticker the dealer puts on my windshield.
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Old 12-17-2011, 11:34 AM   #6
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READ the owners manual and there should be no confussion. Ford designd and built the truck and wrote the book. Do you think they would publish any thing thats going to cost them warrenty repairs or there reputation for building a reliable truck and adversly affect future sales?If you want to spend money for needless oil changes and your not comfertable with extended intervles then go for more frequent service but you would be better off spending your money on better quality oils and filters which are designed for extended service life.just my $.02 worth but its worked well for me. Bubbabud 2011 XLT SCAB EEEKoboost
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Engine tolerances have changed, oil has changed. Following the schedule of what we did 30 years ago is just silly.

Follow what Ford (engineers) are telling you, not some local shop that profits from you doing more than you need.

The oil guide is there for a reason.
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yes i am one of the few that have read the book when i got my truck, it sure says to follow the oil monitoring system but the Ford dealer sticking sticker on the windshield and telling me it is wrong confused me, i feel good relying on the computer myself
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This pretty much sums it up:

Scheduled Maintenance

Monday, January 07 2008 @ 07:36 PM EST

Contributed by: RStabb
Ford Motor Company's Position.
December 10, 2007

To: All Ford and Lincoln Mercury Dealers, Service Managers and Parts Managers
Subject: Ford Motor Company Position on Scheduled Maintenance

As we launch an unprecedented number of new and refreshed vehicles, we want to reiterate Ford Motor Company's position on scheduled maintenance and its role in retaining customers and promoting satisfaction. This is an essential component of our collective business that requires a clear and consistent message.

FCSD is 100% committed to processes and programs intended on bringing the customer back to your Dealership. The most fundamental of which is the 1st Appointment Process at the time of vehicle sale which sets the expectation that customers return for service. In 2007, FCSD launched Owner Advantage to strengthen relationships with owners throughout the vehicle life cycle. To initiate this relationship, Ford sends a highly personalized Welcome Package to all new vehicle customers. The next component is a customer service reminder, Genuine Direct Loyalty, which Ford now funds during the first year. For 2008, we will launch Owner Advantage Rewards; a fully integrated program to provide incentives that further tie customers to your Dealership. These tools set the stage for Dealers to sell customers needed services.

While these tools are an important step in developing long term relationships, the experience customers receive when visiting your Dealership is the most critical component. We ask that you consider whether your Dealership is selling needed services or products. Ford believes that services not specifically called out in the Scheduled Maintenance Guide are unnecessary expenses for our customers. The sale of these products or services may affirm the perception held by some customers that Dealership service departments are expensive, with questionable integrity. This is especially true when the service recommendation from the Dealership varies from the message the customer receives from Ford in the Scheduled Maintenance Guide. Here are some examples:

Promoting maintenance intervals that significantly deviate from what is published in the Scheduled Maintenance Guide may damage credibility and result in lost customers. Ford Motor Company recommends specific maintenance intervals for various parts and component systems based upon extensive engineering and testing. Ford relies upon this testing to determine the most appropriate mileage for replacement of oils and fluids to protect the vehicle at the lowest overall cost to the customer. This includes severe operating conditions that warrant more aggressive maintenance. Customers are also required to ensure that the materials used on their vehicles meet Ford Engineering specifications.

As oil change intervals are extended due to improvements in engine and lubricant technology the use of certain lesser quality aftermarket oil filters may prove costly. Ford has examined many engines that have failed due to poor oil filter performance. Motorcraft® brand oil filters use superior seals, valves, steel cases and significant media material to ensure optimal performance, especially over a longer drain interval. Engine warranty repair costs directly attributed to the use of these filters will not be covered by Ford.

Ford Motor Company recommends against the use of all chemicals or additive products, not identified in the owner guide or unless specifically recommended in publications such as Technical Service Bulletins

Engine oil system flushing is not a Ford Motor Company approved maintenance procedure and is considered an unnecessary expense. If flushing is required for the transmission, caused by a specific component failure, the Dealer should use only the recommended transmission fluid. Utilizing fluid exchange equipment is acceptable as long as only Ford approved chemicals are used. Fuel injection system flushing is not considered scheduled maintenance by Ford Motor Company. Should the fuel injection system require cleaning to resolve a specific condition, Ford recommends Motorcraft Premium Fuel Injector Cleaner, Motorcraft Pressurized Injector Cleaner or Motorcraft Power Flush Injector Fluid. Additionally, demonstrating to a customer that specific fluids should be changed because their color has changed is a misleading practice. Darkening of many fluids is a normal chemical reaction in most cases.

Customer retention and loyalty are more important than ever in today's business environment. We have made great strides in driving more customers back to Dealers for Genuine Service. Let's continue to work together to build long term customer relationships by selling needed services and providing exceptional value.

Al Giombetti
Executive Director Marketing and Sales
Ford Customer Service Division
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