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iknfixit 03-25-2013 09:13 AM

Heated cooled seats at 40k mi/overheating?
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Just as an FYI. Noticed my heated/cooled drivers seat was kicking off after about 15 minutes in heat mode. Couldn't really prove to dealer exactly what was going on and they started with the heat/cool fan....same issue of cutting off...high limit. (They replaced the fan/Thermal electric device) A few weeks later then replaced the actual seat cushion which has air channels through it. A few days later I noticed it was doing the same thing....cutting off about 15 min later. I did run the seat for about 2 hours alternating between heat/cool to verify my thoughts. I put a lot of miles on the past few weeks and am up to 51k miles and dealer cannot help me any further, but the only thing left is the actual seat cushion is collapsed in the center of the cushion just beneath the leather. You can push on the cushion anywhere on the surface and feel about 3/4 in of padding all over, but in the middle there is what feels like a hole about 2 in wide and 6 inches across the center seat panel....directly above the fan outlet that has no padding left. That area IMO is blocking the fan circulation and causing an overheat and overlimit cutout. Bad thing about it is I have only used the thing one full season since the truck is a year old this month. Have been researching a little and these things have been used since about 2003. Has anybody else had a problem with them or is it one of those things you don't realy notice since a lot of people probably just run them the first 10 min of driving? On a cold day they really feel good on the back and backside for an hour or so. Wife's /passenger seat works great. Pic attached you can see a hand at left front corner of foam seat cushion and fan outlet is beneath the shaded looking area in center....where I feel the depression in seat leather....

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