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eah990 10-09-2012 08:32 PM

Do you have a 5 Star tune?
I just wanted to start a thread to see who here has a 5 star tune on their F150. I was curious what tune do you use, how many miles have you had it, and what has been your general experience. I appreciate the help. :thumbup:

Stampederfan 10-09-2012 10:42 PM

91 perf/tow - great throttle response....hard to keep your foot out of it...

UARandy3 10-09-2012 10:48 PM

I don't have one......yet. It's on my short list though, so I'm interested to see some replies in this thread too.

eah990 10-10-2012 12:11 AM


Originally Posted by Stampederfan (Post 2090768)
91 perf/tow - great throttle response....hard to keep your foot out of it...

how many miles do you have using your tune?

scorpio333 10-10-2012 01:06 AM

2012 5.0 running the 87 performance tune for about 3000 miles and I'm happy with it.

Stock the truck didn't seem to shift how I would of preferred it. I had no issue with lack of power/torque. Previous truck was a 05 4.6, so the jump in power was great.

After installing the tune, the shifts were a lot better, the initial throttle response was improved. As far as, holy crap it makes way more power...not so much. Granted it's only the 87 tune so I wasn't expecting it to be very noticeable. After 3000 miles it's hard to say how much a difference it is. I was averaging 13.6 on the readout, now it's 13.3. We got hills all over and I don't get out on the highway often.

I will say now that the temps have dropped here 30-40 degrees in the last few weeks it drives great.

I haven't tried any other tunes on this truck from anyone else so I can't go round saying 5star is the best, or the worst. I can say Mike returns emails promptly and is helpful. Overall, I'm happy with what I got for what I paid.

Geritgoul 10-10-2012 01:36 AM

Thinking about getting the boss manifold, intake and tune suppose to be a good gain

dicktracy09 10-10-2012 01:51 AM

Been running 87 performance tune for about 8 months now, love it. had no idea how much manufacturers "scale back" the power and potential of these engines.

The truck was good before, and amazing now. i hate having to load to stock tune when I take it the dealer for the free oil changes they gave me when i bought it. not for long though, because the oil changes are up at the end of the year.

I also have the 87 tow tune and 87 economy, but I have enjoyed the truck so much with the performance tune, have not bothered trying the other two. I imagine if I have to ever tow a large trailer or camper, I'll give the tow tune a go.

It is kind of a pretty penny forking out the dough for it initially, but it is something I will never regret.

zimmer0 10-10-2012 02:18 AM

What type of economy gains are you seeing? I'm familiar with the EFI Live for the GM engines but my f150 will definitely be tuned. Would like to have a performance tune and an economy tune. These are interchangable on the fly or is a recalibration necessary when switching between the two tunes?

scorpio333 10-10-2012 02:53 PM


Originally Posted by zimmer0 (Post 2091503)
These are interchangable on the fly or is a recalibration necessary when switching between the two tunes?

You need to shut down, plug in scanner and reprogram. IIRC it takes about 15 minutes to switch.

09xltd 10-10-2012 03:03 PM

Yup loaded mine on last night I have 09 4.6 3v so couldn't wait to plug it in and Feel the difference. I got 3 custom 93 tunes tow/economy/performance. Only have put 93 in since day I got it just always use 93 so was my only option. The shifting is crisp I have only had for half of a day so can't make to much of a statement. The wow factor wasn't what I thought it was going to be, but if you floor it you can feel the pull between gears that it never did because of the trans shifts being so perfect. I will post more on the economy gains if there are any after a little time.

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