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CAPTAIN_MATH 08-07-2012 04:03 PM

Best modifications under $50
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There are a lot of threads, comments, and pictures about "higher" dollar modifications we've made to our trucks. Lifts, tires, wheels, steps, covers, liners, tint, audio/video, exhaust, intake, etc...

I thought I start a thread of "lower" dollar modifications. I know that inexpensive is a moving target for people. We do have some very creative, very crafty, and some downright sneaky people on this forum. I figure that this thread might ultimately give out some inexpensive ideas for the rest of us to jump on.

I'm setting the target at $50 and under. Here's the plan. State what you've done. A brief description of how you built it if it's a homemade idea. An estimated cost of time and/or labor. Finally, add a picture if you have it.

Here's mine. It's really basic.
I bought a 2x6 pressure treated and cut it down to serve as a bed divider. I put it toward the back of the bed in the channels. It keeps the groceries and other small stuff I'm hauling from sliding all over the bed (meaning, I don't have to climb into the bed to find what sloshed around on the drive home). The board is 66" and I angled the bottom edges. Total cost, under $10. Spent 15 minutes measuring 50 times and cutting three times.

I leave the board in there 24/7. Never been stolen from any of the three trucks I've had over 10+ years. Although I have had a couple of them warp after a few years and I've replaced them.

Logan24 08-07-2012 04:08 PM

GOTTS mod. It was free. :)

Fast Filly 08-07-2012 04:08 PM

Great idea for a thread, can't wait to see what everyone posts.

Hunttman01 08-07-2012 04:13 PM

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I have an 05 but I made mudflaps. Two $10 2'x3' sheets of rubber.

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mbullock 08-07-2012 04:35 PM

From harbor freight tools

$14 breaker bar


$4. 21mm socket

= better "tire iron" than what the factory gives you!!

Under the rear seat

Hunttman01 08-07-2012 04:37 PM


Originally Posted by mbullock
From harbor freight tools

$14 breaker bar


$4. 21mm socket

= better "tire iron" than what the factory gives you!!

Under the rear seat

I have the same ice scraper. I slid the rubber piece off the end and now have a wide scraper

fordfan77 08-07-2012 04:37 PM

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Painted my F150 badges black part to match my white truck. It cost me about $5.

I also put on cutsom FX4 decals which cost around $35.

Edit: pics added

mbullock 08-07-2012 04:49 PM

I have another one...but its a borderline $50 thing. It was $50 for me...but I got lucky.

Ambient temp sensor out of a totaled 2009 f150: free

Climate control(originally bought for my heated mirrors...needed the defrost button): $35 off of ebay(I got lucky on this one)

Now I have a working external temp readout.

RDFTS 08-07-2012 04:59 PM

Ash Tray cup removal. Free!!

Watt-maker 08-07-2012 05:01 PM

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$34 black bumper billet grill to cover up that hole in the bumper and trimmed front air dam, that was free!
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Custom bed tie-downs utilizing holes for Ford accessories track. Found some scrap metal laying around. $5 dollar can of paint.
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I made this plate from a scrap piece of anodized aluminum using an engraving machine.
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