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92custom 08-28-2007 11:31 PM

does it cost more to put one in a vehicle that had one from the factory or didnt have one from the factory

Ty 08-28-2007 11:50 PM

it would be cheaper to do it in one with a factory radio because all of the wires are already ran, and not to mention, much easier for the same reason.

92custom 08-29-2007 09:12 AM

ok just curious because that truck im looking at doesnt have a stereo from the factory

Triton v8 08-29-2007 09:44 AM

It doesn't have a factory radio?? What does it have??

Ty 08-29-2007 11:49 AM

nothing, its a older f100 right?

Triton v8 08-29-2007 11:54 AM

dang. I don't think I've ever seen a vehicle with no radio in it.

ro87f150 08-29-2007 12:29 PM

Well.. it is cheaper to get it the factory one.. you can junkyard them too.. But from my perspective it will be better to put an aftermarket one.. Autozone, O"Reilly's, Advanced Auto Parts.. they carry some decent stereos and the installation kits available.. spend a few bucks more and get yourself something better than the original... :thumbup:

Triton v8 08-29-2007 12:34 PM

Yeah but does the truck have speakers?? Installing a stereo in something that doesn't have it is a PITA. You've gotta run wires for everything and that's not the worst part. Do you know what kind of fuses to use?? and where they go?? You've going to have to install speakers also if it doesn't have any.

92custom 08-29-2007 05:37 PM


Originally Posted by Ty (Post 24833)
nothing, its a older f100 right?

1978 f100

and triton, i was goin to let a stereo shop deal with all that because i just dont want to fool with it

92custom 08-29-2007 05:57 PM

but i just need to get a cd player and speakers in it first (well aftr i buy it) and then buy the subs and amp later i might just buy my friends system when he gets his new truck (he drives a s10 right now but hes buyin i frontier ext cab and goin to put 6 12" memphis m3 subs in the back)

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