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tomelder1981 05-18-2013 04:42 AM

Tricky tricky dealer...
So about 3 weeks ago I took my 2012 SCREW in for an oil change at the local Ford dealer here in Colorado Srings. When I picked up my truck they informed me that the driver side CV shaft was messed up and leaking grease and told me to bring it in to have it covered under warranty. I scheduled an appointment and dropped the truck off a week later. The truck has 10,500 miles on it and has had a leveling kit on it for approximately 3,000 miles. They called me at 4pm that monday and said that they leveling kit was the cause of the CV shaft being messed up and that it would not be covered under warranty followed by a quote of about $1000 to fix the problem. By 5pm when I had a chance to call back the service guys were already gone and I could not pick up my truck. I called the next day and spoke to the service rep and explained that I have had a leveling kit on all 3 F150s that I have owned in the past 8 years and have never heard of this problem nor witnessed it. I also mentioned the Moss Magnuson act that says something along the lines of a dealer having to prove without a doubt that the aftermarket part was the cause of the problem or something to that extent. So the following day I received a call saying that I could come pick my truck up that evening and that the leveling kit was infact not the cause of the problem but it "looks like I ran something over and caused damage to the CV shaft and boot. When I go to pick my truck up the service advisor handling my truck was gone and I was charged a $62 diagnostic fee to be told two different stories of what caused the problem after I was told by service the day of the oil change when the truck obviously had the leveling kit on it that it would be covered under warranty. I also received a receipt that states the leveling kit causes more of an angle to be put on the CV shaft causing the grease to be pushed out but there was not damage. I inspected the shaft best I could and can find no damage but there is still grease coming from somewhere and the driver side seems noisy when going over bumps or pot holes. Thinking about claiming it on comprehensive but havent made a decision yet. I am open to suggestions especially those from anyone at a Ford workplace. Thanks

Wisdom 05-18-2013 10:53 AM

Ford is getting worse and worse with aftermarket mods to the truck whatsoever. My ford dealer told me all I can do to mine is a cold air intake or a cat back exhaust, and even that was risky. I call bull**** like you said on a truck with 10.5k miles that it's cause that problem. I think eventually they are going to say if you mod the truck in any way it voids all your warranty.

Surkanos 05-18-2013 12:41 PM

Unless your buying wal-Mart brand aftermarket parts I don't see how it's going to wreck your truck or void warranty, my ford dealership always tries to rip me off saying stupid things like that. I've got cat-back exhaust, cold air, bigger throttle body, chip, leveling kit(front and back) rims n tires. Nothing happened to mine so tell them to shove it haha. Even Roush supercharges won't void your warranty and that's throwing boost into your trucks engine

harrison14allen 05-18-2013 01:12 PM

Gotta watch em.
I've asked a couple different dealers about chips and I was told they void the warranty. CAI, exhaust, and leveling kits are ok.

Marc D 05-19-2013 01:31 AM

All dealers will tell you ANY aftermarket parts installed on your truck will void the warranty,(including oversize tires and wheels) However, they are quick to do a lot of these mods in their own shops on new trucks then sell them under a full warranty. Remember on these parts it's a dealer warranty not Ford's. There are many well engineered parts for all of our trucks but we need to be diligent on what we buy.

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