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Chuck Van 02-07-2019 06:39 PM

Column shift vs console
I see a lot of 2018 Lariats for sale but they donít have the center console,,, whatís your guys feelings on which is better and why

moparado 02-07-2019 07:00 PM

Are you talking just a center console with a column shifter or the Sport package with the console shifter?
Generally a center console for me is a must no matter the vehicle.
Easy access cup holders and storage is one big advantage.

Here's my take on the center console shifter that comes with the Sport option..
Being a die hard mopar guy i looked at the Rams first.
All with either a column or dial shifter. :icon_mad:
I had to have a center console shifter.

So i looked at the Ford's and they offered a center console shifter in the Sport option and a FX4 along with a V8.
Needless to say, the dealership's search HAD to include the Sport and FX4 option.
The rest is history and with 24K miles on my F150, happy so far.

Myself IMO the column shifter is outdated and the idiotic dial shifter with the Rams is well crapola.
I will say this, the column shifter's center console will offer a little more storage space but the storage space in my console is way more than i need.

Chuck Van 02-07-2019 07:07 PM

Iím talking about a fooor shift vs column

moparado 02-07-2019 07:14 PM

Originally Posted by Chuck Van (Post 6084458)
Iím talking about a fooor shift vs column

Like i said the only way you're gonna get that is with the optional Sport package.

nampa45 02-07-2019 07:40 PM

I've had both, my 2016 had the center shift console (floor) and my current 2017 has the column shifter without the center console. I prefer the center shift console over the column shift. Lots more storage and handy cup holders as moparado stated and since there is only my wife and myself we only need the two bucket seats in the front. Plenty of room for the Grandkids in the back. The 2019 Lariat I ordered (ETA date 2-16-2019) has the 502A package and comes with the center shift console.

xlttune 02-07-2019 08:17 PM

I have a 2018 lariat with center console, love the console just wish ford would give you the option to get a column shift with it, losing console space because of a shift is just stupid, loved the RAM better because of no console shifter but they wouldn't get right on the price.

Missmy06 02-07-2019 08:22 PM

I think the column shift just makes the truck feel more like a truck. I have always owned trucks with a column shift except for one that was a manual. I also like having the bench seat with fold down armrest as it is a console when I want, albeit a small one, and a seat when I need to carry six people. Best of all worlds to me.

SteveLord 02-07-2019 08:25 PM

I needed a 6 seater with lots of room. Thanks to Ford, I got all that and more versus and SUV.

Center shifter not in my future anytime soon until my kids are out.

HeathMc 02-07-2019 08:29 PM

Like stated above. The column shift allows you to carry 5 passengers. I think the floor shift looks better. Just all preference in what you need?

Firedaniel 02-07-2019 08:41 PM

Ive had both in 2018 Lariat. The 500A package had the column shift. could seat 6 and enjoyed it. I now have a 502A . LOVE the center console much more storage . Just feels better IMHO

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