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Scarlet 06-18-2017 09:17 AM

Thievery in the Woods...
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That's right, I got hit. One of my Redneck blinds was broken into, and two of my trail cameras were hit. The cameras were in security boxes lag bolted to a tree and padlocked. But first a short description. I live in Delaware, but hunt on my property in West Virginia. It's a spot my dad bought back in the early eighty's for hunting. It's actually four pieces of property that we refer to as Two plots. Each "plot" has two adjoining pieces of ground. The first set of adjoining ground is about 33 acres. That plot has our Mobile home on it. It's the adjoining piece to this property that has one of the blinds, and the two trail cameras that were hit. The other plot is another two pieces of ground that is about 32 acres. It's actually located on the other side of the mountain, but the two different "plots" actually meet at one corner down in a hollow. Now about the "Thievery". The blind is situated on a high spot on the property at the top of the mountain. The only trail access back to it (other than walking up and thru the woods) is our private trail that has a security cable. It comes off a common road that goes around the top of the mountain. It's only suppose to be for property owners, but you know how that goes? The blind is about 350 yds. back. I believe it was someone from down below that broke into it. You can see where they tried to pry the door open. Luckily they didn't try too hard cause the damage is minimal. They broke the handle and forced it open. I can get the key into the lock but it will only turn 1/4 of the way. Luckily the blind was empty. All that was in there was a wooden kitchen chair and a cushion, and a bucket. I empty it after hunting season just in case.....Both the trail cameras were StealthCam Archers Choice's. Each camera was in a security box that was lag bolted too a nice size tree, and locked with a Padlock. The first camera was only 20yds. away, and was facing towards the blind. The other camera was about 100yds. away, on the trail, and had the blind just in view. Here's the strange part. They cut the padlock, removed the camera, took out the SD Card, shut the camera off, and put it back in the security box. If it were you, and you were a thief, and a hunter? Wouldn't you just steal the cameras? I had the cameras in security boxes because I had one stolen several years ago. It was strapped to a tree just as you enter the trail from the common road. My conclusion? Had to be someone who knew me. They walked back, or up thru the woods. Broke into the blind. Saw they were caught, went out and came back with bolt cutters, hacksaw, etc., to get at the cameras. But because they knew me, for some reason left the cameras intact. So that actually gives me a short suspect list. So, what do I do now? Until I get back I removed the one security box. The one facing the blind I put the camera back in, changed the lock and added a Python cable. Hopefully it will still be there when I get back. I wrote RedNeck blinds and they have sent me a replacement handle with lock, for free! It's a lot beefier. I will be putting it on soon. I also devised a way to add a Deadbolt to the blind. Yea, if someone really wants in they can just break a window. For the cameras, about the only thing I can really do is get a better padlock. I did some research and learned a lot about locks, lock picking, lock bumping, etc.. It came down to Commando Locks (which I preferred), but ended up going with some Masterlock Pro Series locks. These have a shackle shroud and are the new BumpStop locks. Hopefully they will fair better. so there you have it.

gone postal 06-18-2017 09:23 AM

They're not thieves, someone's using your land for something illegal and by doing what they did they destroy the evidence.

Dembruski 06-18-2017 09:51 AM

Maybe its Tickle from Moonshiners? I would put a camera in the woods to get pictures of whoever is going in and out of your property. But I would have to agree they are not thieves, just got caught doing something they did't want you to see.

Scarlet 06-18-2017 10:25 AM

Yup, figure they were poaching. Maybe even using the blind...Have problems with trespassers and with poaching in the past before the blinds. Even finding carcasses down the side of the road (sharp cut off on one side going up the mountain). I do have a camera at the entrance of our trail at the security cable is. The access road makes a sharp bend at a crest there, and the camera sits back of the road. Locals know it's there. But it wasn't touched. I do have about five unfamiliar vehicles. One in particular, a Jeep CJ that stopped at the cable. Then came back two days later.

daanbc05 06-18-2017 10:33 AM

Place a camera HIGH up in a tree angled to where you want to see. Make it as high as you can with a tall ladder. This way IF someone does see it, and want it down, they will have to cut the tree (makes a lot of noise) or get a tall ladder and climb way up.

Scarlet 06-18-2017 10:54 AM

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I've done that before at the trail entrance. But it got to be a pain backing the truck up every time I needed to check it or do batteries. After one season I took it down. But I'm considering doing it again with wireless cameras. My property starts at the bottom of the access road, so this is actually all on my property The access road still is considered "right of way" access for other property owners. Only one year round owner, and he is an adjacent neighbor. One other owner has a son that has been living there for the past year. he is a suspect..
A few pics. First one is from my GoPro I have mounted on the Buggy. I'm heading to the trail from the homestead, then three from the trail camera placed at the trail entrance. Two of the main suspect vehicle....

tanked_darren 06-18-2017 11:21 AM

Bolt cutters for locks are for noobs

Cordless grinders for locks or power tools in general are what the pros use

Anyways, I'd leave 1 or both cameras locked the way you've got them now, and add a 3rd or 4th I a much more stealthy spot, 1 preferably where a vehicle may pass/park..

Edit: see you've already thought of the extra cameras, wireless for sure...

SCORGE 06-19-2017 07:52 AM

I hate thieves....

Scarlet 06-19-2017 08:49 AM

Yup. You're right. Anybody who really wants in, is gonna get in. Locks, security boxes and cables are just ways to make it difficult for them. It's a shame people have to spend time and money to protect their belongings. But how many guys are gonna be trekking thru the woods with something like bolt cutters and grinders, looking to break into something? I'm located on private land on a mountain top, surrounded by private land. There is only one access road back in off the state road. Then the lane going up the mountain starts at the bottom of the hill on my property. Besides me there are four other land owners up there. My neighbor is the only year round resident. But, one other owner has a young son who has been living there since last summer. He does have "friends" who come up to party. One of those live at the base of the mountain, and he has a "less than stellar" reputation. That's where my suspect list starts....I figure they walked back and saw my stuff. Then went out to get what they needed to break in and get at the cameras. But why not just steal them?

bassJAM 06-19-2017 10:51 AM

Reminds me of when I was at an orchard last fall picking apples with the family. I had to relieve myself so I walked to the edge of the field where there was some woods, walked into the woods about 20' and then walked down into the dry creek bed and did my business.

Just as I was finishing I looked up and saw a trail cam 8 feet away staring right at me! For a split second I considered taking the SD card, but instead I just grinned and waved and then headed back to the field. It was a very odd place for a camera as there was no animal trails or anything close by.

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